Hurray! Misguided ads finally banned (UK)

This annyoing and misguided ads finally banned

Who else always find this ads on their mystic vision before?


I remember one of them you could play the game for a bit on the advert but every option you picked you lost. :woman_shrugging: kinda backwards really why would you play a game when you can’t even win on the demo.

When u install the game. It is totally different with what advertised. The ads is misguided

Yeah I played the one with dude in the pic (house somthing) well my ex did and if she was stuck on a stage I’d end up doing for her.
The stuff they say in the game is quite chessey, i did laugh when his mates boat got destroyed by a storm haha.

Lol, I hope that fake RPG with Warcraft’s AI & CO. plus some random images attached to them will be removed too.

Yeah I kept seeing those ads. For most every game on Google Play now it seems. Never once had the desire to install any of them. Unfortunately they will just be replaced with something else equally tedious to watch.


I can put up with pretty much anything for thirty seconds. The only ones that annoy me are the ones that automatically open up the app store if you accidentally touch anywhere but exactly on the X.


I really disliked the ads of Campus. It was filthy and obscene, trying to tickle the hormonal urges of (young) boys by implying some dirty sexual stuff.

Just for the sake of it I downloaded it because I could not imagine this being a legitimate game, it turned out to be a slot machine trying to get your money, so you could buy ‘gifts’ for the girls and then they would lose some piece of clothing.

It baffled me.

It’s really nasty and morally wrong. I hope those ads get banned too.

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I don’t have any moral problem against that sort of thing, but they should probably screen those ads on games that you only have to be 13+ to play, like E&P is. I don’t remember ever seeing an ad for that game, but maybe the ads are somewhat targeted and I’m the wrong gender to be the target market.

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Note that ASA only affects the UK. Everyone else will get to continue “enjoying” these misleading ads. :frowning:


I just hate this Zombie related ads. They are stupid as hell and i have them alwyas.

All other ads don’t touch me and sometimes i laugh about them.

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Thank god I use a simulator. If that feature were active I would smash things.

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I have noticed that I am getting fewer Mystic Vision ads for those stupid looking games lately…

… instead now I am getting barraged by ads for social media and/or dating websites.

So… still very much misleading. :laughing:

A bit off subject. Zynga now has a Harry Porter game, Puzzles and Spells (…). Curious if the game has other Empire links besides the name

Isn’t it supposed to be targeted on browsing habits? I get endless “Fishdom”. I hate seafood.

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It is, but I’m on a new phone now, and I don’t use it for browsing.

So their algorithm looked at my phone and said “who dis? y u no haz social media? y u no haz name? is u lonely? iz u single? iz u even real person? here have ads to connect ur sad self with rest of humanity! becuz from looks of things u iz nobody and u can be some body if u want to be. just downloadz the facetwitterz u will be connecting with other pplz b4 u can say wtf zuckerberg y u in my living room!”


For some reason I’m reminded of the terrorist that died because her new telco called with a friendly greeting and detonated her bomb. Karma


Ouch. That’s some dark stuff right there.

But… like you said. Karma.
And I am sadly comfortable with dark stuff.

Not comfortable in a good way. More like “yeah, I’ve seen hate, I’ve seen violence, I’ve seen death.”
Don’t like it at all. But am ‘comfortable’ with it in the sense that it is reality and I have come to accept that.

My luck, if I was dumb enough to put some kind of explosive device in my phone, I would end up blowing myself up trying to order a pizza… :laughing:

On a somewhat lighter… or perhaps even darker note…
Artificial Intelligence (getting back to the original topic)…





I miss that ad…!
it was so easy to mentally dismiss.
My brain would temporarily snore, collect the free toilet paper and then
off to the grind.

But these new ads…
That telescope looks neat. I want the super foods book and the lizard jigsaw puzzle. And maybe that super thin notepad people are writing notes on.
Maybe the owl puzzle too. Super size it.

I don’t like these new ads!

My brain is not sleeping through them

Can we talk about the fake claim reward button? :stuck_out_tongue:

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