Hunting Heads looking to fill open spots on all levels

We are a small group with big plans. People have lives and we know some like to play more than others. We would like to fill spots on all levels of the plan for 10 aggressive play hard players. 10 mid level want to play but can’t always do wars players and 10 I can play when life doesn’t get in the way. No line apps needed. If you don’t play wars just opt out. Help with titans are appreciated. We do have a FB page for reference shots. We would like to grow but we need more players of all levels. Come see, we are a friendly, helpful group.

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Thanks but we are recruiting not merging at this point.

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Ok , noted , I deleted my post , happy hunting.

We have spots open! Jump in before war starts. We are all learning, we have husband/wife/family teams. No one talks down to you. All levels welcome. It’s a game, not a job. Jump in and take a look … have a feeling you will like us.

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