Hunters Special for most used battle item, such as mana potions

I thought we all had the same hunter’s special items available in the shop? When was this changed? @littleKAF do you know? I was looking forward to mana pots and then…

Disappointed :sob: and :angry:. I’d prefer the mana pots thanks!

Edit: :thinking: @bboyvince @Ferke @Graknork @PasasHill are mana pots showing up for you?

I’ve got caltrops showing, as well.

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Hi. Not for me, but for some of my teammates. I think it is related to updates. Who got the update before hunters offer change have the mana potion deal. Who updated after the change remained the same. I think it will be the same for everyone tomorrow.


Just checking… This is the item in store now…:thinking:?

Yeah, same here.

Just wait a week and see if any mana pots pop up?

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same here, too
note : they classified the disappearance of mini mana pots as “bug”…

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Fixed a bug in the Hunter’s Special deal’s rotation.

Straight from the release notes.


Conspiracy theories anyone?

I’m sure it’s a money maker for them… can’t believe they’d let it fall off the radar for 3 months like that.

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Giant harpoons are now quasi inexistent under Hunter’s special… not good. :face_with_monocle:

It’s back!!!


I confirm !
Thank you SG :grinning:


I’ll be able to stockpile large bones again!

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@Graknork would you say you feel like your idea has been implemented?

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Yes, and I am happy that they listened :slight_smile:
thanks to all who posted!


Since this seems to have been fixed in Version 26, and is to the OP’s satisfaction, I’m closing this thread so voters will be free to use their votes on other threads for new ideas. :slightly_smiling_face:


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