Hunters Special for most used battle item, such as mana potions

The hunters special has offered 100 potions several times, however, the most used battle item is not healing potions, but MANA potions. If they offered 100 minor mana potions for 400 gems I am sure it would be very popular.
What other items would you like to see offered?

I’d buy - 100x mana potions as the items you need to craft them seem rarer. (bones for minis, midnight root for medium) :confounded:

I never buy the health potions because I usually have oodles in my inventory - besides, common herbs, as the name suggests are very common.


Your wish has been granted…


Why they removed small and minor mana potion offers?

FYI - The daily offer changes every day - I’m sure the mana potions offer will come back.

But before we received mana offers twice a week, now…nothing.

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Interesting… Although, I’ve seen a lot more items you can make at the hunter’s lodge on offer, and I don’t know too many people who have gone past researching harpoons.

Still no mana potions…

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They have definitely stopped offering small and medium mana pots (maybe even large ones, even though the last two were large ones if I recall correctly). For a while, they were in a rotation and coming back. Now, they are completely gone.

People loved them and they were getting money in return and they just stopped selling them…

It doesn’t sound like a nice thing to do at all…

I foresee them coming back, but for more gems in the future… which would suck too. But we already know this way of doing things with the nerf of battle tournament loot.


Although, did you notice mana pots were offered as tier loot in the Grimforest event?

Yes, i loved it. Bought all of them.

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I hope they come back too. However if they come back and are too expensive than I would rather just farm Atlantis for materials.
The overpriced shop costs are, small mana potion for 20 gems, med 50, large 100.
The hunter’s specials were:
20 large for 1000 gems (not a good deal at all, I did not get these when they came around)
50 med for 500 gems (good deal, got em all)
100 small mana potions for 200 gems! (amazing deal, please bring this one back often!)

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I wasn’t aware of this thread so I started a similar one elsewhere…maybe a moderator could help here ?
Anyway, I fully agree that the small mana pot deals were amazing, and a great help when it comes to battling strong titans…
I’m using between 5 and 10 for each titan hit, multiplied by 5 hits per day on average, that’s a daily consumption of 30 to 50 mini mana pots
“normal” farming will not allow me to gather enough bones for crafting them.
I’m really disappointed that SGG removed those popular deals…sometimes it really seems like they don’t want us to have fun :anguished:

at first I thought I missed them, or they had become less frequent…but now it seems obvious that the “hunters’ special” deal for mini mana pots have been permanently taken out of rotation.

Why ? Was that too good a deal for us players, SGG ? Would you rather have us buy your other, exorbitant priced deals, in order to get some decent titan hits ? Seriously, this is not cool…

Generally speaking, you should really think twice before letting greed dictate you such unfriendly decisions, like reducing AR duration, nerfing tourney loot, making the AL so ham expensive it’s unusable, and so on and so on…

Be nice to your player base for god’s sake ! Before we’re all gone to Mythwars…

Here’s a related link…

Out of curiosity, how long have you been tracking this? I started playing in January and only noticed the mana deals in August. Then they seemed to be available every two weeks.

More recently however, I agree it has been less frequent with hunter’s lodge items on offer. :thinking:. I’m not aware of many people who have maxed their hunter’s lodge so I assumed these items were available to encourage players to level up their Hunters lodge. Not sure greed had anything to do with it? :woman_shrugging:.

Edit 1 - Good point @RayZeus, because we’ve also had antedotes and health pots. I suppose the request is to increase the frequency of mana pots, as I’d imagine more people would use gems to purchase them than health or antedotes which, let’s be honest are cheap to craft?!

We also saw arrow deals 2 or 3 times early in the rotation, but never since. I really enjoyed those deals.

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hi Sarah,
I’ve been tracking those deals since the first day they popped up.
I bought every single one of them, because I’m always short on large bones…
So, I’m positive we haven’t seen one for at least two months now.
The greed part was referring to SG forcing us to take another -of course more expensive- route (in this case buying WE refills and do more farming), in order to achieve same result


I’m always short large bones too - thank goodness for AR. I have a hunch mana pots have been offered less frequently as a Hunter’s special daily deal, but no concrete data.

Let’s hope that changes sooner than later. Because the items on sale, are awfully expensive. :frowning_face::cry:.

SGG bring back small mana offers! Can’t be selling small antidotes and health ones but intentionally skipping mana - not logical


that’s right, 1,500 gems for just 5 items, that can be used in just one titan hit…
I’m really wondering, who on earth can afford that ?!?
And if noone can, why on earth they don’t lower their price…
I’d be willing to buy those at a tenth of current price, say 150 gems for 5 time freezes (SG if you read me) That’s what I would call a deal. With the current price tag it’s nothing more than a rip-off


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