Hunters Lodge

I admit, I am a very impatient person. I’ve been playing around with this game for over a year. I’ve built up my lands over time, with the recent addition of the Hunting Lodge, advanced mining, farming, and storage, I have adjusted my lands to have the advanced mining, farming, and storage, with the advanced housing to assist with my troop build up all to acquire this Hunters Lodge. I’ve hit a “bump” with my progress. In order to acquire the Hunting Lodge do I need to complete the first season?

No, there’s no need to complete Season 1 to build the Hunter’s Lodge.

Thank you. I will again have to be patient.


You need to have your stronghold at level 21 and have enough iron storage to pay the cost. if you can’t get enough storage, it’s probably cuz you converted one of your storages into a barracks or something.


Thank you Samwise, here is what I have.
Stronghold level 21
2 food storage @ level 20
1 advanced food storage @ level 1. 1 food storage @ level 16
By my calculations I should be around 2992k food storage. Instead I am at 2603k.