Hunters Lodge; What items to research?

I have only one simple question: What items from the Hunters Lodge are worth researching and crafting?

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There are a number of threads to this effect existing (below are just the ones I have responded to).

My thoughts:

I actually use the scroll of alteration sometimes on rares with a mono team… it saves you on a board shocker …but I find the Titan skull is so hard to find that I am very sparing with usage


Harpoons, and only because I can’t convince my alliance that titan parts are useless.


More to the point since they are making the usefulness claim, the onus is on them to demonstrate that!

It used to be Titanium Shield, Alteration Scroll, Hurricane. Now rub out the shield after the nerf, which I’m still very salty about

Hurricane only as a substitute for tornadoes every now and then as they are very expensive

But really, the Hunters Lodge is almost completely pointless. The items are too expensive for their effects, and unsustainable


Nothing of interest.
Too resource consuming.

Imo titan parts were just a trick to nerf loot.


Mythical titans might change that, though…

In a similar way to the other things that change - don’t expect them to actually help.