Hunters Lodge items in Challenge Events

I would like to be able to use the items that I craft in the Hunters Lodge in any and all events…I understand not allowing them in 3* and maybe even 4* levels but they should definitely be usable in 5* levels.

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What is the point of all the powerful battle items available in the hunter’s lodge if they keep putting out events where we can’t even use them?

Seriously, what are they for? It’s not like we need them to get through the story maps.

Titans. You need titanparts to produce them and you should use them on titans.

I personally find them completely useless, there is only 1 ( scroll of alteration) which I use 5 per month for the single damage score on myth Titan.
For normal Titans they are to expensive to produce and if your Alliance isn’t on the edge with every single Titan you probably don’t need it.

Maybe in some Quests which are hard some people use them to make life easier, but for most forge items should be enough.

And beside the monthly events were you are not allowed to use them you can use them in the tower events. Although 50 floors each month get expensive, so if you don’t try for top 100 or better loot tiers I wouldn’t recommend it.

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This has been a problem since Hunter’s Lodge showed up in Beta

My Hunter’s Lodge is only Lv4, minimum level needed to create panacea


Titanium shield nerf

I always used Titanium shields as protection, not damage

But I still think SGG made a mistake nerfing them instead of buffing all 5* items


(🧪 Early Information on Titanium Shield Balance Update [Part of The Beta Beat v30])

Vs Invisibility Potion ( protection )

([Details, Lodge] Invisibility potion or what does it do? - #23 by Gryphonknight)


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Hunter’s Lodge

(Can we sell all these titan parts back to e&p for gems? - #16 by Gryphonknight)

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(Can we sell all these titan parts back to e&p for gems? - #21 by Gryphonknight)


(Can we sell all these titan parts back to e&p for gems? - #24 by Gryphonknight)

Looks like @Rigs is still in time out. Too bad, they were often helpful for matching players to alliances so all fit together


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Scroll of alteration is very good (but expensive), particularly for mythics or rares. I usually make hurricanes for when I run out of tornadoes, but they use a lot of parts, so are really a luxury. Otherwise, I really don’t make anything but harpoons.

With the exception of other challenge events you can use them everywhere you can use regular battle items.

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These items u can use on higher titan, legendary events stages,ninja tower,magic tower event and manny more…
Those items are usefull and have multiple usage

I would like to know when will be able to trade or swap heroes within our alliance

I know you requested this back in December, but would you care to advise why you’d like to use your Hunter’s Lodge items in Epic and Legendary tier of challenge events?

@SamMe I’ve put in the time and resources to max it out, to research it and to craft the items…so it seems that we should be able to use those items to get through the stages.

@ABNRMAL Thank you for answering my question. :slightly_smiling_face: