Hunter Lodge - Scroll of Alteration - How do you use it? What does it actually do?

I have been trying to use the scroll of alteration to see

A) What it does?
B) How it works?
C) When might be the best time to use it in regards to the different titans vs the teams I bring against them?
D) If it is useful, are there better heros I should bring to better enhance their affect like a Skadi against a Fire titan for example?

Ultimately, my goal is to continue to improve my titan score while re-evaluating my shiny new heros that I have summons over the last couple of months - Skadi, Lady Loki, Baldur, Gullinbursti, Frigg and Zocc to name a few.

I have tried using the scroll of alteration a few times not really seeing what it is that is it’s trying to do. My understanding is that it will turn the board into colors that match my opponent. Correct? Thus if I have a Fire titan, what exactly should I see? When I tried it, I saw nothing change. What am I missing?

Keep in mind, I probably can continue this conversation with several of the Hunter’s Lodge battle items. The only ones I really find useful are the Tornadoes, the titan shield (on occasions), Harpoon and the Time Freeze. Out side of these, I’m at a loss as to when, how and where to use the others.

Any and all feedback on how you use the scroll of alteration (or any of the other Hunter’s Lodge items) would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Note - I have read through the different forum threads on the Hunter’s Lodge and have not really found an answer to my question.
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A scroll of Alteration is best used at the start. Let’s say it’s a Blue Titan and you have gone mono Green.

Mana up all of you buffs and debuffs (so I’d go Tarlak, Buddy, Kingston, Heimdall and Telluria for the sake of this)

Then start to fill the board by making 5 tiles at a time green.

Now in the perfect world you want to build as many as you can before the board starts to drop. My record was 2 scrolls before the cascade begin. Maybe 3 is possible depending on the start board but you want to make as many green tiles as you can and then let it all drop. You can Tornado it up as well if they aren’t building in a nice way.

But essentially you are going for a monster drop. Unless you are struggling to drop a Titan they are basically for showing off as they are silly level of resources to make. Titan Skulls are like hens teeth for me. I’ve had 20 total since we started chucking harpoons.

Buts that really. I think you only really need to use them if you are showing off.


Great response @Cheds! I thought I was missing something as folks have mentioned using the scroll of alteration in other threads. I have several sitting in my arsenal, so I figured I would try to see if there was something I was missing.

With some careful work, Heroes like Jott or Ratatoskr can benefit from a scroll or two, as can Heroes like Sudri and Frigg. However, it would be risky, because if you accidentally started a cascade there will be nothing left for the Skills to work with.

Against Titans, the reward is not worth the investment, so probably only something you’ll use in “emergencies”. It’s an option for PvE, that could be very helpful, though.

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Hey, now that I think about it, this might soon have some applications for Ninjas, who have those ridiculously deep mana pools.

Excellent advice @LordDust! Ultimately, I’m trying to improve my score as my alliance is starting to take on harder titans (12*, 13* and the occasional 14*). My job is to figure out to improve my efforts against these titans and what tools to bring with me to assist in that task.

Timefreeze/timestops, hurricanes/tornadoes, minor heal and mana potions, and titan banners, are my main weapons at this point. I constantly on the look out for other weapons if they help and use cases for their use.

Nope… here is in another thread:

Tap hero which color hero do you want to convert to tiles color. If we want Red color, do not tap Wu Kong, if we tap the popup, it will random pick one of our heroes color. So, better pick one of our red heroes, like Azlar or Falcon or Wilbur or Boldtusk, this make sure tiles will convert to desire target heroes color RED.


Interesting @jinbatsu! I did not see that screen come up when I tried it. I’ll try it on the next titan. I really don’t remember seeing that option when I tried it.

Yes, it is like mana or heal items, so we should TAP one of our heroes or if we tap the popup, it will pick a random heroes, like this sample:

The popup text in the right-bottom said: TAP HERE TO AUTO-TARGET, so in that case, RNG will choose Hawkmoon-C or 1st Rudolf or 2nd Rudolf, the other is full health, so they can not use minor heal (the sign is no circle).

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Perfect! I swear I did not get that screen! I wonder if I tapped the scroll of alteration item followed by another item which became the item of use instead of the scroll. I’ll watch for that next time. The next titan will not be for many hours so I’ll have to wait before I can try. I’m not saying that this will now be my new best friend, but it would be good to understand how to use it. Thank you @jinbatsu! :wink:

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You can see some sample videos…


Interesting! It actually changes “5” tiles. The one video against the 12* titan was amazing! I need to take notes! Thanks @jinbatsu!

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