Hunter - 5* Dark / Purple - Shadow hero from Secret Summon

Hey @2puttshaqur — here’s where it gets interesting:

Hunter is not inflicting insanity after he kills a taunter - #12 by Engage

To me this seems more like an order of operations error/issue/bug tied to eliminating taunt via killing the taunter as opposed to dispelling it.

Not really annoyed so much as curious as to why it works differently than the example in the link.
Ultimately, it is what it is, you know? :slight_smile:

Then that makes absolutely no sense at all, those are two separate statements. It should work exactly like priority dispel/cleanse. That is pretty much a bug that flew over the radar for more than 5 years

While random damage from heroes like 9HB would be subjected to taunt because it is one statement.

I haven’t realise this issue until I got hunter and experienced this first hand

Hunter also has two statements. It is further cemented by the word ‘if’. Would the word ‘if’ hold weight over the mechanics of taunt?

If the statement for Hunter is ‘deals 530% damage to the target, nearby enemies get 100 insanity if the target is killed’ then yeah sure, I have nothing to argue. That is subjected to taunt.