(hundred/hundreds/thousand/thousands) recruits+resources+asc mats(free/1*/2*/3*)(+gem/s for 3*/4*) for random color trainers (1*/2*/3*/4*)

(hundred/hundreds/thousand/thousands) recruits+resources+asc mats(free/1*/2*/3*)(+gem/s for 3*/4*) for random color trainers (1*/2*/3*/4*)



Sayin that you’d like to trade in recruits and hams for trainer heroes?


and all the above
“similar” to alchemy costs; if those can be recicled; so should be recruits

maybe the adv house should do that

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What is the gain?

If u have amples amounts of recruits and hams, just dump in another tc that has a higher production rate and eat the feeders

I’m not against it as an option but i just don’t see the gain from doing such a thing

no ham. thats why i now run 3xtc11 and a tc20 (1 day left)

and eating from tc1 constantly is like putting gas on fire.

I keep 3 TC 11’s and one TC 20 going most of the time. Unless I am trying to level someone quickly. I have almost 250 ready in each 11 to get ready for February HOTM(if I’m lucky enough). Running this way help me keep feeders ready and my food almost full.

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The 152 day one is my TC20. I keep it going to stock pile food and recruits


that 1405days tc11 will never drop. only increase.

Yes but it does free up all 3 of my other camps to change to whatever camp I need. I have had that 1405 at 1800+ in the past. I have a somewhat unique order in which I switch my camps when leveling a new hero. Having just one camp to dump recruits into helps

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Out of my 4 TCs, 1 is doing TC20 functions which serves as a temporary food and recruit bank, while the rest are working on TC11 functions. The last time I changed the operation of 2 of the 3 doing TC11 functions was when I had over 4,000 swords and rugged clothes each, and over 1,000 backpacks, while my TC20 has over 300-day worth of recruits and food. I converted 2 TC11 to 2 TC1 or TC2 or TC4 functions, dumping recruits to TC11 while getting food from TC20.

As for the first post, I don’t think SGG will be implementing this. I though sure wish to have a better way of getting better feeders, but realistically, it’s like a punch to the moon.

tell me when you’ll have less than 100day cummulated tc11 and i’ll bow to you**

** if you continue not to lose recruits

I have no desire to lose or get rid of recruits. I will never stop having heroes to level and with my current setup I can level a 5* to max in 3-4 days and that works just fine for me. Not sure exactly why dumping recruits would even be a thing. I actually play levels in AR to maximize the amount of recruits per WE.

if i remember, i’ll tag you in 6 months.

you’ll see that by then your tc11 stash would have already went over the 2k days margin.
meaning you’ll stash more than you actually use/need.
which unveils the unbalanced ratio recruits/food.

which leads to the first post.

and the end.

I also have an imbalance

I guess the difference here is I could care less of my TC 11 camp gets to 20,000 days. I was just trying to help. That one camp is never going anywhere and as long as there isn’t a cap on it I have no issues having one really full one. My other 3 can be changed to suit my needs for leveling

Using one tc 20 and 3 tc11, but when I have a few hundred backpacks and swords saved up I target train a single element to use them up and get a specific hero leveled faster. It keeps a solid balance normally but can be a little slow

This works. I get heroes trained faster in exchange for a slightly less efficient (in the extremely long term) training strategy. Think Japanese manufacturing and the inventory model they use. Storing endless amounts of stuff in this game is what ROT inventory models tell you not to do if you want efficiency in practice. So if you have it find a use for it.

I save up my 3 11 camps for a couple week before HOTM comes out. If I am lucky enough to get it I then empty one TC 11. I start the one empty one making 1 minute feeders to start the first 20 levels after first ascension. I then empty my second TC 11 that is not over 1000 days and start using up some backpacks on 30 minute feeders. After emptying my 3rd TC 11 I alternate my other two camps from 1 minute to 30 minutes depending on where I am on levels. First 20 of each ascension get 1 minute and the remainder get 30. When my food gets low I pull food stock from TC 20 and unload recruits into 1000+ day camp. I usually have HOTM level by the 3rd or 4th of the month this way. Then I work on other heroes until middle of the month and repeat.

ment to say 3k

@Oakenshield 3 months, not 6