Hulda needs to be beaten with the nerf stick

The fact that you can still loop Xnol in the current ninja tower (I am not telling how, but I have videos of me doing it) suggests that the problem is not the tower itself but Xnol. Xnol needs a big nerf. As does salmon loki.
But we do need a costume for Alfrikke as she is still rather weak.
And as for Hulda, to stay on topic, she is weak sauce.


A “Nerf Salmon Loki” thread filled with people who don’t understand sarcasm would make for great unintentional comedy.

And agreed about Alfrike. After a long deliberation, we decided to replace her with Layla tanks in very fast wars. Her 13 poison damage per turn is death.

Adding #BuffHulda not to be flagged for going off topic.

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I do think that some heroes and defenses should be very difficult to beat as much of a pain as that can be.
I mostly mean for newer and weaker players.
Players shouldn’t expect to be able to easily beat every defense out there especially with new enough accounts. We have to be realistic.
There has to be balance though I agree and it’s a tough
thing to do.
Hulda is strong but not overly so compared to some others I feel. She even has four star counters which are easier to get and can be emblemed and limit broken.
If the game keeps nerfing heroes more players will give up.

Balancing should happen pre-release. Anyone who argues against that is delusional.

I went ahead and closed the other one pointing people to here as this is more general. The other was focused solely on the minions.

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I still think Hulda is weak. I think she actually needs a buff, not a nerf. You can beat her using Kvasir, a 3*.


Every game has balance patches. Beta isn’t large enough to determine live results. If you know about focus groups and sample testing, you know about margins of error. Once it is determined that a particular element proves too volatile in the live game a change must occur, one way or another.

Super smash bros
Magic the gathering
Pokemon (both video games and card games)
Soul calibur
Mortal Kombat

All have had balance patches AFTER something got released. If you play games, you should expect them and take your own advice and adapt. If you think a broken hero shouldn’t be adjusted for being either too weak or too strong, you’re delusional and that’s all I’m going to say about that.


Those games are wrong as well, you’re delusional if you think otherwise

Whatever. We’ll agree to disagree.

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I play another game, a card game, that has balance patches once a month. for a couple of weeks every month, their subreddit is screaming about one thing or another. so every month a few things get balanced, nerfed or buffed, at the next patch and a couple of weeks later, the meta settles out and the calls for nerfs start up again.

But never has anyone there cried or cared much about a nerf except to say ‘thank you! about time!’ because nobody has to pay for anything in that game. and if you do decide to pay for something, you can always get exactly the cards you want. not for a chance pull for something at a portal.

The difference is really striking. i think it’s a really fun game, too, so there’s that also.

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Wait how could i forget about skadi!?

Those who have her will say she is not that good to prevent her nerfs and those who face her and lose will keep getting frustrated and SG dont care coz they keep getting money out of whatever they release !


Many if not most of the people who have said she isnt hard to beat dont own her… you are just unwilling to acknowledge an opposing viewpoint


I dont have her and yes he it’s easy to be beat, and if somebody wants to know how just roll up read the comments and learn.


She is easy to beat until you run out of minion eaters. Raids, no problemo. Wars where there is a lot of her on the enemy side? There she is a big problem when you run out of C Gormeks, Grimbles, Gobblers, Beras, etc.

Everyone has different priorities, but I have a bunch of cGormeks and they always pop up so I wouldn’t run out. That being said, not all of them are emblemed and LB, but I have a surplus of barbarian emblems and can probably LB a few extra Gormeks if required.

I guess it comes down to whether you really view it as a priority because once you get the costume, the regular Gormek will make a periodic appearance. I think I’ve fed 4 or 5 after sticking with my 5.

I have to ask what cup level are you seeing a ton of her in, the top cup level i don’t think i have ever seen her. So on that alone i have to say no need to nerf. If she is in every top 20 defense lets talk but i honestly can’t remember going against her in any war or raid


I don’t have her and often facing her in raid. Not always win maybe 50:50. I’m okay with that. No need nerf. Learn how to beat her and stop crying.


To the original poster. Have you any opinion on the Gargoyles?

I mean no one has yet put more than 5 up against us in wars so we’ve not had this occur as out of 30 of us we all have minion counters.

If the meta switched and there was 20+ out we might see issues.

I hit 1 of the Huldas today in the war and it was a regulation Grimble win.

Equiliser war utterly ruins Hulda so that’s one less war to worry about her in tbh