Hulda needs to be beaten with the nerf stick

Hulda needs to be nerfed. Pure and simple. Her abilities are in line with a very slow hero but at average speed. She is way over powered. Her minions heal, boost defense, and provide a mana boost. That’s ridiculous. Plus they get an absurd 31% hp making them ridiculously hard to kill with tiles or any special other than a sniper which only hits one hero when every enemy hero gets a minion.

Reduce minions to nearby allies or reduce their hp dramatically. Then absolutely remove the mana buff. Then she’ll be a reasonable and fair hero. And don’t even think about leaving her as is but reducing mana speed. She would still be way way way op for fast wars then. Nerfing her minions is the only way to fix her.

This NEEDS to happen.


Did you try anti minion heros?

Like captain of diamonds (fast blue) or costume gormek (average red)

Brute forcing through her minions does not work in my opinion.


Of course I’ve tried. I’ve also tried Gefjon. But that’s totally beside the point. She’s OP. Her minions do too much for her mana speed. She needs to be reasonable.


If the changes i proposed were made and i pulled her, I’d still be very happy and would max her. This it’s totally different than how i felt about the Krampus debacle, which was over the top.

if they gonna nerf the minion, then they should let the minions attack then, or else shes just an effin tile dump, you want to make her useless with your proposition


I have her LB and 18 emblems . In this game it’s all about the boards . I loose to under power teams and win against OP teams in raids. It’s all about the boards. Most times I know from the start if I’m going to loose a battle.
There are so many OP heroes out now it’s not funny.
Nerfing needs to stop.


How can an anti minion hero fail against Hulda? What kinds of AMH do you have?

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C Gormek will remove her minions. Same for Grimble.

I have used them both against Hulda. They work.

Once minions are gone, the buffs are gone.

Skadi doesn’t work. Even with defence down.

Other minion removers:

  1. Noor
  2. Captain Diamond
  3. Gobbler

Plus a few more paywalled ones

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I never said they didn’t work. My point is that her ability is too good regardless. And taking a4* against a 5* limit broke max emblem hero isn’t exactly a full solution.

Nerfing does need to stop. But not because heroes don’t need to be nerfed right now. It needs to stop by them not releasing broken heroes into the game to begin with just to earn a few dollars.


The power rush is not going to stop. It looks like it’s picking up speed.

Try to limit break the essential 4*. Some of them are strong enough after that.

C.Gormek is fairly easy to get in the grand scheme and melts Hulda.

Then you have Grimble, Capt of Diamonds and heck even Gobbler if we are going crazy. Bera and even Ksavir would do the same, albeit before she fires so I grant that’s harder. There’s even Devana and her minions as well.

So there’s a whole heap of heroes to combat her and yes she’s strong but she has counters. That means most players have a chance to combat her and I’m ok with that. I don’t have her myself but I’ve faced plenty now and she’s what a tank should be…strong when you get a poor start but beatable even after she fires in the right circumstances.


She is kind of really ridiculous. Like Xnolphod, but then worse, as her minions have 590 health if you limit break her, and their heal, defense boost, and mana boost don’t go away. If you don’t instantly get your tiles, you lose. She’s that OP.

And then they released Papyros, who is an S5 minion hero, but who is a total joke by comparison as he is beyond pathetic and weak.


To be honest I used her mostly in Beta. She was good but she wasn’t OP.
On defence I tested her in all positions some I won but some I didn’t.
It was the Same on offence. But she was top class.
This power creep with heroes in the game is not going to stop. It will continue to progress to draw in profits.
I understand player frustration and I really do empathise, I made a point in Beta that all these new heroes are stronger that what came before, and that SG are making the game top heavy leaving S1, S2 and some S3 heroes, along with costumes and some HOTM redundant to a certain degree.
If you think Hulda and co is too strong wait until all the Gargoyles are released and then the Styx family and new costumes for the likes of Guardian Panther.
Just my two pennies worth


Thank you for making that comment in Bera. If these more powerful heroes don’t become more accessible, well… pity for those of us still with mostly older and weaker heroes


Powerful heroes bring more money
We players see the game a game to share pictures,experience,have fun,spend time,chat
Devs see the game a way to pay their bills and eat etc
Their strategy to release big powerful heroes to make money then nerf them to release new heroes more powerful is plain obvious and most players figured it out even the whales
But i believe every hero can be defeated because this game is all about the boards and troops
So if you couldnt beat hulda today im pretty sure you’ll beat her tomorrow with a better boards and better strategy
Thats why im against nerfing heroes because it only will make devs continue their greedy policy.


Costume Sabina prevents her buffs. No mana no healing. Of course Bera and other anti minion heroes. Also Devana and she’s holy.

Correction… No defense and no mana

She, at tank, is a tile dump… Throw a ton of tiles at her, even if she is surrounded by vf speed heiress, they won’t charge without tiles hitting them for at least enough… Then use a Grimble or cap’n o diamonds and this off the people around her. She is special but she isn’t overpowered. Just expose her fatal flaw.

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My Eloise will be all the nerf I need when I come up against Hulda.

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I don’t have Hulda. But, noooooooooooooooooooooo
Stop calling for nerfs, stop, stop, stop, stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

There are soooo many Hulda counters. Sooo many.

C diamonds

C gormek



Pleasseeeee stahhhhpppp.

If I’ve learned anything about calls for nerfs 95% of the time it has more to do with how you’re playing against them than it does their innate ability.

Please stop advocating for the main thing that destroys the player base.

Maybe you weren’t around for Telly/Vela nerfs butI experience watching tons of guilds completely crumble from losing 20%+ of their guildmates.

Instead of making nerfing posts, instead, why not make a post for a new hero idea.

I have one for you:

Hero: The devourer


Very fast speed

4* hero

Destroys all minions from enemies
reduces all enemies mana generation by 24%


See how now all of the comments can be about how great it would be to have an accessible 4* who charges in 6 tiles and counters minion teams.


Let’s talk about things like that. Not nerfing the heroes player have sunk hundreds of dollars into.

What ideas do you have for 4* heroes who could really bring value to game and fill in a potential gap in players rosters?

New heroes that provide counters, who are reasonably accessible because they’re 4*s very good!

Nerfing heroes, very bad!