Huh? Why Guardian Owl as reward at legendary?

Have I missed something? Not that I will ever be in reach of first place but these are the rewards for 1st…

Legendary: Guardian Owl
Epic: Guardian Panther
Rare: Guardian Jackal…

I would think Guardian Panther is best Teltoc hero and Guardian Owl certainly not the best.

Have I missed something and is Owl far better than i think and must I up him and give emblems? I would be offended if that was first place reward for me.


The central boss of the last stage is the reward for first in legendary, always.

In Avalon, Guinevre is for epic and Arthur for legendary (arguably Guinevre was the most wanted back then).

In pirates Lady Locke for epic and Kestrel for legendary (many people prefer overall Lady Locke)

In Wonderland Alice is for epic and Hatter for legendary (i overall see much more Alice around)

Yes, many times the epic rewards are more appealing, and that’s why some people emblem 4* rather then legendary for that specific purpose.


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