Huge bug during war start


Today, something really wrong happened. First of all, we got paired against a team with more players than us, in war. They had 12, and we had 11 players only.

Ok that’s 6 flags, we can still win with less 6 flags than our opponents… we thought.

We were waiting for the war to start, and suddenly, 3 of our members are Ex-Members.

Take a look at the screenshots, please.

Hope this is fixed in future. Thanks.

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The extra player thing isnt a big and does occur on occasion there is a thread explaining it in more detail.

For the ex-members, did anyone from your alliance leave or go mercing titans after matchmaking? Sometimes if not back in time they can end up as ex member.


There was this problem before.

Not sure if your ex-member went mercing or left for other reasons or may not left at all. Your best bet is to contact support, give as much information as you can, I highly doubt your players will be back to fight in this war, just warning you.


Actually we did, and when we were leaving the alliance, we received the message with a timer. 30ish mins. We came back 10 mins before the war started, yes.

When looking at war tab, it actually showed up Spectator mode for us, even tho, there was time remaining for the start.

That can happen if you see the thread linked by @Dudeious.Maximus it explains it. Despite being here for a while I still haven’t figured out the linking of threads but if you read through there you’ll see the answer.

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To link a thread it’s bascially. Screenshot_20210116-215740

Copy link address, Then post on the topic in the thread you are in


Please see above thread linked by @Dudeious.Maximus