Huge Atlantis pull in January or in February?

Hello. For quite a while I was hunting for Wilbur and Proteus, two the most used 4* in the game. Now I’ve accumulated enough gems to do 30-pull during next Atlantis. However, not sure that I don’t need to wait.
Advantages of pulling in January: Kunchen is awesome tank, Zeline is also rated high
Disadvantages of pulling in January: Vela, I was super lucky to pull 2 during Guardians
Advantages of pulling in February: Jean-Francois (32% chance to pull doing 30-pull), Ariel
Disadvantages of pulling in February: Mok-Arr, nobody wants him

My roster, besides S1 4*, includes: Triton, Gadeirus, Falcon, Jackal, Khagan, Joon, Onatel, Horghall, Evelyn, Elkanen, Perseus, Magni, Vela.

I’ll appreciate any advice. Thanks :smiley:

I would say considering your current roster I would do the pulls in January.

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Kunchen/Zeline is about the best combo for returning heroes you can hope for…Id go January.

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Imho Id say pull in February, only because I think you are in need of a red/fire 5* hero that is fast mana speed, you have one for each other color it seems (besides purple). Now pulling in February is also only on the table if you are not planning on pulling during AVALON which happens in that month as well (supposedly). If you are pulling during avalon then go all out for January, if not then maybe wait.

as for this point if MOK-ARR is featured in February then maybe pull then I would think you have less of a chance to get him when he is featured then when he isnt, but thats just me.

Zeli Zimi Kun Fishking Vela
…sounds like a fast kill with lots of utility.

JF seems overestimated to me.

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Yeah only doing a few pulls this Atlantis as would like a Wilbur or a mits as need a red! And got enough blue.
Rather pull more on Feb as hotm haven’t done any costume pulls due to this. Also I’d take a shark :woman_shrugging::+1:

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This looks like a request for personal advice specific to the OP’s roster, so I’m not sure yet if it makes sense to merge to a broader topic.

Did you have a thread in mind?

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Ok cool! Thought there was a thread for Atlantis pulls in general each month? :woman_shrugging:

There is, here: Next Atlantis Rises: February 4: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

But it’s a bit of a noisy spot to ask for personal roster advice. Creating a separate thread for that is fine.

If this evolves into a more general discussion of Summoning during Atlantis, then I can definitely merge it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m doing a huge one in March if the heroes are who I think they are. (Also I wouldn’t mind Mok-Arr. They get a bad rap.)

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Cool cool! Just more you don’t like clutter :wink:
But I get yah point! :+1:

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