Hu tao or G.Owl?

I have to upgrade one os this two heros.
My setup is.

GRIMM 3/60
ELENA 2/50

I am going to replace Berden with Hu Tao or G.Owl. until I get a 4* green.
Which one should I level?
Note: I’ll ascend wukong as soon I get the orbs. He is my priority, before Hu tao and G. OWL

Unless you’re using unfarmable ascension mats, it doesnt matter much who u ascend first. I’d probly go hu tao since cheaper to feed and can level faster then once 3rd tier lvl 60, I’d go ahead and do owl next then play around and see which one you like better.

Berden is not that bad :face_with_monocle:


Have you seen this yet?:

I’m not fond of either of these heroes, but I rarely hear anyone praising the Owl, so i’d say HuTao. Till you get someone better. :wink:

Yay I already saw it.
I’m upgrading Owl for Events(2/60). Hoping the developers remake him and make a good Hero.

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