Hows about a V.I.P. 2 to allow players to drop some of the 3*s from the summon pool?


I was talking with those in our alliance and (of course) people get tired of pulling the same heroes from the summon gate. How about, for say $14.99 a month, you can choose 10-15 heroes to remove from the pool of possibilities? Or make it just a 40% reduction in 3* heroes to obviously increase the odds of receiving a character they can actually use? Just a thought, but I know the majority of our alliance would jump on it, and one would think S.G. would come out ahead in the end… If you look at how many players complain about the odds, well, this would allow them to directly benefit from spending their actual cash and, although there will be (must be mathematically) some that still feel they got “taken” somehow, the vast majority of your customers are intelligent enough to know that all they’re doing is Increasing their odds at getting good pulls, Not Guaranteeing it.


While I agree that VIP needs update and even made my own recommendations, it seems that many feel that those spending money should be content with what they get and be happy to shoulder the costs for the f2p gamers. They want all the support, updates and access but in no want to incentivize finincial support.


I’m interested. I don’t pay as much as many, but I do my monthly gambling. Which is how I see it. But after playing and sometimes paying, and all my pulls seem to be the exact same heroes…it is frustrating. Then build a TC, now I’m growing the exact same 2-3 heroes. I could have an army of Valens by now.


That’s a Very common problem/complaint by folks, this Should help alleviate that to some degree. I hope they consider it, but with no votes so far…lol kinda doubt it. You’ve always got to consider the dev’s side of things when making suggestions and I think this works for everybody. I don’t spend alot either but, same as you, I do spend Some…I personally don’t have that problem very much, (I get very little from summoning but my camps are UNBELIEVABLY productive so I’m happy as it is) but alot of people seem to so, just an idea.