How you use a Telluria and want to use her?

@TheChef I do not think that is about nerfing Telly, it is more about her usage and feedback.

There’s topics for that too

Most of us use Telly for conversation piece around
The campfire. Recently on CNN the main news bulletins were; Covid numbers, Middle East war starts, “Trump says…” and then “Telluria is she OP?”… with updates at 11pm to the stories


From what I understand, max give emblems put in tank and let them stand there :thinking::+1:

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There not nerfing Telly or her numerous threads apparently…

I am inclined to leave this one open… for now.

So far it’s different enough in the OP desire/ direction. The other thread’s we’ve left open are:

Then there are miscellaneous “which should I ascend, Telluria or {X}”


@Guvnor, thanks. But how you actually use Telly?

Okay) Do you have a different usages of Telluria? Or you only need a good green center for raids and wars (there are different usage strategies)?

Telly is great on offense too. She is definitely on one of my war teams…usually 3:2 with Kingston and Lianna, and for all the farmers out there she is on my rainbow farm team.

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I don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t actually plan on levelling her for a while… My main tank in game is Yunan who is +18. I currently am running the below defence which is working really well:
Drake Fong (+10) | Gravemaker (+11) | Yunan (+18) | Vela (+17) | Morgan Le Fey (+19)

My order of tonic application is:

  1. Lady Locke
  2. Kingston
  3. Maybe Costume Lianna #2…?
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Think he was saying “make tough meat shield” for tank as all you need to know… my translation anyways

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Why? Why even second Lianna is better?

And how GM/Yunan/Vela is running? Which cup range this defence can keep comfortably?

Don’t see any need for Telluria… I rarely use healers in Raids or in Wars despite having 10+ maxed in various colours… I also get annoyed by Minions cause they take FOREVER to execute :stuck_out_tongue:

I like damage… damage & speed… Telluria just doesn’t match that game play style… Lianna does.

2550-2700 most of the time… depending on how often I actually raid. Last night I went testing some different lineups against Telluria so ended up going to bed at like 2850-2900 or so… Woke up to still having 2750 cups this morning after 6 odd hours

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Different opinions, different playstyles)

I actually like to outlast an enemy with casts - for me it is less risky approach than bringing many strikers (both shooters and AoE) and hope to kill enemy with damage. Middle ground is best of course, but I prefer more safe and stalling approach, so, Telly as average healer fits perfectly. She just keeps everyone alive and this is her job as a healer)

And a next thing - 4* with healers lasts more than 5* without one)

Cause there is kinda jesting in that comment
, the whole team does make it not one individual

Agree) But I really want sharing of Telluria’s usage, especially not in those tank position.

No probs! But majority of people will use as tank as iv seen in many youtube videos and the overall threads and comments that is will people will use that hero. Would other past top tanks boss guin yauan work with her as a flank? Yauan no as double green

OK. But what about PvE, titan, offence and so on? I do not see Telluria purely defensive.

It’s always nice to have mana slower/cutter/stoppers in different colors. I finished Springvale advanced thanks to the Mist-Proteus-Telluria trio of mana controllers. Fire Telly first to get the minion protection, HoT, and small mana slow, then when her effect wears off fire Mist to really slow mana gain, and finally fire Proteus so you can tile dump without worry and charge up Telly/Mist back up again. Rinse and repeat and the bosses pretty much never get to fire their specials once (or only fire once and that’s it).

And yes Telly is extremely useful even at 3/70, fully agree with that. Do not regret the mats and feeders spent on getting her to 3/70 before some other 4* green. She has won me raids I should’ve lost, completely turned the tide in a couple close ones, and helped me clear events I had no business beating otherwise.

Agree. But for me Telluria is not mana stopper at all. If I need real green mana stopper, I will bring LJ.

Interesting experience, thanks. But if Telluria be without mana slow or with less mana slow, how worse it was be to finish?

Yes, she is very useful even on 3/70)