How Wu Kong (didn't) work

Hello, some week ago, I noticed a problem: Wu Kong don’t make is job properly.

I filmed a titan attack for my alliance and, casually, I filmed one of his “bug” moments Here … Did some other player noticed that?

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I’ve watched this closely and don’t see any bug. What exactly do you think went wrong? Yes, it had a lot of misses, but this is a small sample.

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Oh yes, you’re right bro. But I want to say that this situation is not isolated… I was lucky enough to register the fact, but it happens too often lately… Do you know what is the chance to miss about 20 consecutive hits with only -32% accuracy?

It is just The one red Block thats missing, maybe 10 tiles or sth? Can happen anytime tho :confused:

To your point, yes, it seems excessive that it would miss so many at a time…But it’s definitely not rare. I think if you were to tally the number of total hits vs missed at the end of the attack you might see that it is well within the estimated miss % range. Don’t feel bad, we all have to put up with it. At the end of the day, the power hits still compensate for the number of missed tiles… Errr, most of the time. It’s WUs nature. I hate to say it, but get used to it… Happy Titan hunting…


There is a very good reason Wu’s special is called “Gambler’s Stance” instead of “Sure thing that always kicks ***”