How would you take down this defense team?

assuming they were all maxed of course. Seems like they would share damage and heal each other perpetually, along with buffs, throughout a war scenerio for example. Could last many many attacks…

This would probably be a long drawn out battle. This would require a dispeller like Caedmon.

I would bring some popcorn and snipe them off 1 at a time.

This defense team is healer-heavy with a healing tank, which means that the general strategy will be to intentionally drive tiles into the tank to charge my specials all at once, dispel any lingering buffs, then unleash all special attacks in a single turn to take out the tank. Once the tank is down, I can ghost tiles through the center column as usual.

As for which heroes I would use, here are the abilities/colors I need:

  • At least two green heroes (to help take out the tank quickly)
  • At least two of either purple/blue heroes (to help take out one of the flanks)
  • A dispeller (to remove enemy buffs)
  • At least one healer (since the battle will likely go for a while)

Of the heroes I personally have leveled up, then, I’d use an attack team of Grimm - Gregorion - Kiril - Vivica - Caedmon.


A dispeller is definitely worthwhile in this scenario. But if you don’t Have one available, I’d try the following…

Throw tiles at Aegir and get your specials going. Take out Khiona first if Ares hasn’t activated. If not, take out Zeline. Do the same steps again then take out Zeline (or Khiona is that’s how it plays out). That gives you 2 places to ghost tiles. Once those are down, whittle away at Viv or Ares. Use the ghosting areas to your advantage while you wait for the buffs to naturally dispel. Then put any specials you have charged at Viv or Ares.

Definitely a long game but doable.

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I really love take 3-2 (red-purple) team for Aegir tank. I can easily get mana on him.
Much time and much fun

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Richard to counter Ares & Khiona, Boldtusk to counter Zeline, Tiburtus to counter Vivica, one random hero and Wu Kong.

Aegir will gift me the time I need to charge my mana and kill them all with ease.

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I’d bring Evelyn, Lianna, Zeline, Athena and Delilah.

I would run khagan panther, sartana,marjana and melendor for the win. panther and sartana for tile damage removal of debuff and one hit sniper for panther removes ares aegir and vivs buff as does melendor, khanag special defense and mana up flanked by two purple fast characters is enough said. marajan for the hot as the have no one to cleanse and her and khagan equal double tile damage to zeline. aegir is no threat. possible swap khagan for ares if you have him.

Kiril, Isarnia, Lianna, Caedmon, Sartana.

Kiril to heal, buff attack and defense
Isarnia to drop their defense and do damage
Caedmon to remove their buffs
Lianna and Sartana to snipe.

Target Aegir first with tiles to charge all my specials. Fire them off in this order: Kiril, Caedmon, Ice Queen, Lianna (By now Aegir should be down), Sartana at Viv.

Ghost through the hole and snipe Ares, then Viv. Easy picking after that

1 or 2 healers, 2 or 3 snipers, one defense debuffer. Proc Aegir, hit with say… Grimm, then 2 snipers to gut the entire front 3. The rest of the fight is cleanup and 2 healers easily manage the slash attacks, even if Ares does go off. Aegir is the only tank you WANT to fire their special because it makes killing his team easier.

I’d take for example:
Delilah - Grimm - Lianna - Magni - Evelyn


Opponent team has only a green and a purple attacker. Ares will be the perfect tank here. Alby is to raise the team back. Ares is to buff Lianna and Greg. Evelyn is to debuf. Evelyn debufs and dispells Zeline. Ares then will buf Lianna to one hit kill Zeline. if not Greg will follow up. Do the same to Khiona. Dispell–debuf then killed by snipers. When both zeline and Khiona are out, the opposite team no longer has any attacking power to cause any harm. it will be very easy to take them down one by one by rinsing and repeating the same dispell–debuf–snipe tactics.

Magni or Sartana or Marjana may also be used instead of Greg.

It is as if the team has only 2 heroes, Zeline and Khiona. Just ghost all the tiles onto the middle 3 and let them do whatever they want. All you need is to charge up your green stack then fire. It’s petfect if Ares can buf in time.

they are only in tier 3. I don’t think it’s too difficult to beat if we have a hero who fits with that opponent :grin::grin:
I will bring pp-yel (fast mana)-blue-yel (fast mana)-pp :grin::grin:

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