How would you strategically use Grazul & Black Knight on the same team?

Well, it’s just as the topic says. I’m asking particularly for Offense. And being that these heros are so new, I’m still not sure how to use them. For now, it’s just farming, since they’re not fully leveled.

Here is the team I’d like to use:
Frida 4/80 +3
BK 3/70
Onatel 4/80 +4 (OR Kunchen 3/70)
Grazul 2/60
LIanna 4/80 +4

I like to practice with my new heros doing farming, so that once they’re leveled nicely, then I’ll use them in raids/war. And the hope is that by the time we get to that stage, that I understand how to use them. So right now I’m not sure of this team’s synergy.

Also, do you think that once they’re leveled, they may do ok on defense?

Any input would be fantastic! :grin:


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Black Knight is a great tank & flank, Grazul is a great flank & wing.
With Kunchen I would just use Grazul in my attacks and if I were you I would use this defense:

Frida - Black Knight - Kunchen - Onatel - Lianna
Frida isn’t optimal but she is always better than many others heroes :slight_smile:
Kunchen has to be maxed :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t use them for farming of S1 but they could be very handy in the S2 farming, where you could avoid many dangerous status effects for your team.

Although, I think I’d prefer to venture where I can get the most status effects thrown at me, simply so I can learn how BK works (& also Grazul).

So you don’t think they should be on the same team (defense)?

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