How Would You Set This Up?

I’m relatively new and over the last month I’ve accrued a decent little stable of heroes. I’m currently around 3100 team power and 1600 cups. My defense is set up like this:

Grimm(4-30) - Hansel (4-30) - BT (3-60) - Khiona (3-40) - Wu (4-70)

Bench heroes include Kiril and Sabina (2-50), Peters (3-60) and Khagan at 2-60. Unleveled I have Boril, Melendor, Caedmon, Grimm, Wu, and Little John.

I’m just waiting for fine gloves to ascend BT. I suppose I could switch Khiona into the tank but I dont want Wu on that first flank. I’d rather him on the edge as his auto attack is pretty strong and hes pretty weak.

Should I swap Grimm and Hansel? I was thinking since Hansel is fast mana first flank will allow him to get his special off most times.

Any thoughts on my team overall would be appreciated. Thanks!

You have some nice heroes. Wu and Hasel are much better on offence than defense. If I were you I would look to level up Mel to replace Hansel, better healer than BT, and remove buff on enemies is nice. As for placement for now, I would move Grimm to left flank so he charges faster. His hit is more devastating than Hansel. BT makes a fine tank through mid game imo, but in tank you will want second healer…

Working with what you currently have I think you’ve already got the right idea. Between khiona or BT center choose the one that has the better defensive stats. Khiona might pass up BT until you get BT ascended, but with both at lvl 70, BT will be stronger. (5* are generally weaker than 4* until 5* get into 4th ascension).

BT is a very strong center for your raid tier. You can use him for a long while.
Your other heroes really aren’t the greatest for defense but that’s okay. Focusing on attack heroes is more important for succeeding in filling raid chests and killing Titans. But somewhere down the road when you get to ascend more heroes you’ll have better defense options and we can sort it out then :slight_smile:

Thanks and I agree. I’m thinking I will level Melendor as my next green for raid defense. I need something to replace Wu on defense also…I’m temporarily thinking of Kiril while I wait for something decent. I just use Wu now because hes fully ascended.

Right choice about Wu, keep him there until you have more than 5 maxed heroes. If you don’t find a better defense yellow, doubling up on a different color isn’t terrible. Just keep them spaced apart and preferably not the same color as the center.

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