How would you kill me?


Feedback is appreciated. I win 35-40% of my defenses. I’m always open to additional feedback, however.

1)What would you do to beat me?
2) If you have defeated me in this setup before, what did you do to beat me?
3) If my defense team bested you, what caused your defeat?

Thank you in advance!


I would bring a Gatling gun…carve my way thru Gormek, kick a few stun grenades at HuTao, fire off a small rocket at Bane, hope my shaped bomb would take out Melendor and finally charge like mad thru Gunnar.

…What? :grin:


The same way I kill everything, let the middle sponge up combos and snipe your biggest damage threats, kill Hu Tao first because blindness is OP now, then Gormek so I can ghost attack (letting tiles intentionally miss so they fill you special meters faster and don’t fill yours), then Bane, then mop up what’s left.

What would kill me? Hu Tao would make me waste my Specials before your defending team’s auto attacks and Gormek would chip away at me.


Wonderful. Thank you, @Penari! Do you think switching HuTao and Gunnar would help my defense, so your attacks aren’t all weighted to one side?


Lol rook yhat is so funny


Yes, I would swap Gunmar and Hu Tao so Hel can’t do double damage on both of your holy heroes at the same time.


Wow. Good insight. I would have never even considered that. Thanks again! :slight_smile:


@Seven_Days_Departed Have you implemented any changes?


Well, I swapped Gunnar and Hu Tao’s positions, and had a more negative outcome. That could be entirely coincidental. Swapped them back, and I regained my normal rate of Wins:Losses. So, no, not long term. It’s the same, just a little stronger as I added some levels and troops


Well, that one change was just on the off chance that people had a Hel, and that it made sense for Hel to attack them, it was just a very narrow thing, but I think I’d like to see more threads like these.


How did i lose this fight?


My guess? A few misses caused by Wu Kong going off (40% chance of clean miss). The order your team is in seems to leave a gap for people to hit you without setting off the key “Specials” IMO. I would have put Kiril in the front so your rest of the team would get his special faster. I would put Scarlett in the edge myself. But that is just me.


I’m convinced the game penalizes you (behind the scenes) in a variety of ways for attacking people that are lower than you. You know they don’t completely randomize gems, because of the fact that you can steamroll easier maps with massive chains, while barely landing any chains in a raid. I can’t prove that, but the gem odds -seem- to work against you in certain situations, and the AI often seems smarter, at times, depending on your opponents strength, in contrast to yours.

Or, I’m just imagining all of those things and I’m about to wake up on Mars.


Now that is a hell of an answer, thank you


Hey, wow, its the King… hey @King Arthur, how did that vacation in Spain go?


@Avicious Watched your raid video and started attacking the harder teams w/ higher cups… the board does seem to be more generous when you are the underdog. Thx!!!


It’s just random. I get great boards when I stomp on people, and awful ones on the rare occasion I’m chasing cups.

Same thing with titan damage, lot of it is just RNG variation between the low and the high end. Today I had a fun farming one against a non-trivially weaker opponent in power terms and cup value: 5 blue in a easy gem to make on the first turn with Athena vs. a red tank (Colen). Tank dead turn two, left side dead on turn 3, right side dead by turn 5.

I would’ve easily won anyway but this one was just silly.

That’s all just RNG though, occasionally even against both weak and strong teams it’s like the game wants me to lose but on average my boards are just that, average.


I am convinced that the raids have changed in the last two weeks. I win maybe two out of ten now vs. the other way around. And my defense is taking a bigger hit as well. My cups have dropped by 300. I no longer care to even go raid. It used to be fun, now it’s not. Just my opinion. I would love to see some change. I have tried shifting players. Everything. Just makes it worse. Take everyone’s suggestions to heart in here and thanks for them. This forum is great. This is what I’m working with what do you gurus suggest? Please??Thank you


So what that means is, somewhere out there are players who are saying how nice it is to win. :rofl:

Sorry, I know how hard it can be to go into a slump. I had a single night where I lost 972 trophies. Talk about a shock when you wake up. But I can tell you I have weeks where I lose a lot and some where I win a lot. I don’t think things change every week though.


Tell that to my alliance. I am doing my best to keep spirits up and players in. I respect your opinion though, thank you and I hear what you are saying.