🧭 How would you feel about Valor Points being available for purchase?

I voted; now commenting.

I am a HUGE advocate of making the challenge tier to stages versus completing all 6 challenge events and maybe a special Avatar for :100: % completion. That is the only appropriate change I think :thinking: is needed for balance and fair competition.

The PoV has been a very positive addition in my personal opinion, but I feel if someone is allowed to buy points it would add a negative experience to all those who made a point to get all/most their tiers done.


Would like to add one more thought: if they are actually SERIOUSLY considering doing this… then INSTEAD of offering PoV points for payment; maybe offer additional daily challenges for payment. This way it is not a free Pass and they will still need to put in their time & dedication to make level 50.


Valor points should not be purchase , defeats the purpose of the whole event which is about activity and you get the tier according to activity

However I think they should work it next time , if you do all tasks etc that you can finish it in 40 days and give 10 days worth of daily etc as buffer for those that miss odd event or challenges


I am aware others games have been selling these points (no matter how they call them) to reach higher levels, but those games are usually much, much more f2p friendly than E&P. This game is insanely expensive for someone who likes to have deep roster of legendary heroes, so IMHO they should not make it more expensive by selling valor points in future. I mean emblems are just enough, like really enough :wink:

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dont give sg more sucking ideas, whats next? war chest points :upside_down_face:

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I’m kind of torn. I’m basically F2P, although I do the Google Surveys for a bit of virtual coin to throw around. So the idea of selling the points shouldn’t appeal to me. At the same time, the Titan challenge is completely closed off to my small friends and family alliance (only twice killed a four-star titan), the summoning challenge is starting to look like it won’t happen (even though I fill two monster chests and a raid chest basically every day and I hoarded 11 costume summons for this month), and the raid tournament one is gonna be dicey (I need 15 more victories, but these three-star tournaments are really unpredictable). So I have no shot at finishing PoV, ever, if it remains in its current form. If I got close to level 50, and the prize were something like darts, which I never have enough of, I might drop some Google credit to finish it. I’d prefer to see if they tweak the challenges first, though. If the Titan one dropped the star requirement and the summon one were a tad more F2P friendly (i.e. didn’t basically require extreme luck with tokens or purchase of VIP), I’d be less inclined to support paying for points. @Dan7’s point about life events also deserves some consideration, though.

I think idea is not bad.
We can only gave up to 2,000 points in POV.
All other points are needed to complete the POV.
My thoughts are SG should make some POV point sale bundles in offers.
But there should not be more than 2k points on sale.
It will get some sense coz people who purchased POV and unable to partake in game for some RL problems, it will help a lot.
And for bigginers who can’t complete some daily quests as well.
Sorry for my English. :blush:

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How about a ‘catch up’ option at the end of the event?

I’m thinking of something along the lines of having a chance of play any daily challenges that you may have missed.

Also hope SGG remove the “Kill (x) n-star Titans” as it takes things out of your control somewhat. I wonder how many alliances have lost above average players who jumped to bigger alliances rather than stay and grow.

I realise that there is some leeway in the scoring, you don’t need everything to reach milestone 50. The Titan challenge I mention above is probably enough to prevent completion. Add in the Challenge Event task and you are way short.

I have completed every daily task (so far) and and 3 of the full duration tasks, missing Titans III, Challenge Event II (only reached level 13 of pirates/legendary) and Tournament Battles V (which is definitely biased to p2w) , I think I will reach milestone 43, just missing out on the avatars.

Having said that… I never entered any tournaments before, it was PoV that made me try them and I will now be entering even outside of PoV.

There is already a premium paid why would someone have to pay top of it. Instead he/she can spend it on gems+AM deal :man_shrugging:t2:

with 7 days left I need 1.3titiand of >6 to kill to unlock the last level. This is very doable. I only hope those last valor pt are still doable. So I see no need for have PoV pt for sale. The only option would the last day or so to keep the winers down that they didn’t finish it BUT they should ONLY be available to those who paid the valor pass;;an appropriate fringe benefit.

If you are not playing the game daily, you will not complete the daily quests. But we should be able to pay for Valour points instead :woman_shrugging: ?! I’m having trouble trying to understand the logic. :confounded:.

I agree there could be “bonus” quests for people who won’t quite achieve 50, rather than put a price on the valour points. It encourages more game play rather than further credit card transactions.


Well, from my point of view it’s not all about activity. For the past few weeks I’ve been extremely active, doing almost all daily challenges (missed only one), doing my best to complete valor challenges. I will most likely reach the top tier of rewards but not only as a result of my involvement but also because I paid for my VIP and gems that gave me required summons. I’ve been filling two chests a day and yet without extra money put into this game I wouldn’t get that far.

I’m indifferent about this. I won’t need any extra points on my main. As my alliance has 2 more titans to go, and every other challenge is done… well, except the next few days of dailies.

I’m in a weird position on my alt though, I have 7 telescopes and like 8 rings, so I could care less if I get to the final tier. I just want the emblems really. If I make it to that, I will consider that a win. Just 825 points out from that, with about a week left? No problemo.

But we all know if there’s money to be made, they will make it. So. Wouldn’t surprise me, and whatever…

You are correct in saying it has no logic but as a business for the makers, offer an added option to purchase points at the end to make up any shortfall to complete it is only common sense business wise as it just adds another form of earnings for SG without it affecting the actual playing progress of the PoV.

So if one was 3000 points short of finishing the offering say for example a $25 option to purchase those 3000 points makes business sense, 45 for 5000 points etc etc.

I say 25 because it would be in line with gems costs at 2 points per gem (there abouts) point and still wouldn’t be purchased by every player as a cheap deal.

Don’t get me wrong I disapprove of points being purchased but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t understand why the option would be there as long as it is at the end of the PoV and not during.

Shouldn’t happen at all
I had common sense that I may not complete it. So didn’t buy. Also will not even if I do, I’ll be so close to the finish line. Better luck next time for moi.
Expect failure in your life not everything is handed buy cash :woman_shrugging::frog:

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I see Path of Valor as:

  1. A reward for daily effort in playing the game
  2. An incentive to encourage more daily play in the game

In the long run that will strengthen the game and make it more profitable for SGG than adding a monetized element that will decrease the incentive for daily play and thus defeat the main purpose of POV.

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