How would you emblem Belith now?

Now that she has a costume, how would you emblem her now?

I noticed that if you go HP>DEF>ATK, the costume grid goes ATK>DEF>HP.
If you go ATK>DEF>HP, the costume grid goes DEF>HP>ATK.

I plan to just +7/20 her and not go any further for a looooong time.

What route? Thanks in advance.

Will you use C.Belith or Belith+CB more? Prioritize def/hp on the version that you will use more. C. Belith is better on defense for buff booster. If you have other dispellers you can use offensively (ex: Mnesseus, Hawkmoon, 2nd Belith, etc), then go def/hp path on C.Belith.

Tbh, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. You’re only going +7 anyways. The difference between the paths is negligible.


by def/hp path, do you mean the traditional def>hp path? or you mean in any order(just more than atk)?

C.Belith is wizard class and I just took a look at the path. IIRC, C.Belith has like 848 HP or something which is really high. I would do these nodes:
Jinx, Def, Hp, Jinx, HP, Def, Jinx. (right path then left path).


Choose which version your going to use most and use your emblems accordingly

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Costume Belith > Regular Belith

Her HoT is higher than the regular direct heal, and it can’t even be dispelled thanks to her other buff protecting against that. Consider that the only way to counter her in raid tournaments is with the Sand Empire 3*s and Vlad (the latter who is incredibly lacking). Either that or plan well enough to hammer her team with skills so that the healing can’t begin to roll (or at least catch up).

Sure, regular Belith can dispel buffs while cBelith doesn’t. But you can use Mnesseus and/or Tyrum for that instead – IMO they’re better too since they’re faster than her.

I would prioritize cBelith’s Wizard shield path.


True, unless you need a dispel or a big heal immediately.

RE – Dispelling:

Mnesseus is allowed in any tournament that Belith is allowed. Tyrum is guaranteed allowed in the ones Belith isn’t.

Personally, I find those heroes to be much better for dispelling buffs than Belith. I don’t dislike Belith, but I just think it’s better to have a fast dispel (particularly so in Buff Booster).

Direct healing vs HoT

3*s don’t have much HP. 800ish average with troops involved, meaning Belith’s 32% direct heal usually is about 256 HP recovered immediately.

Compare that to the 459 HP you recover eventually after 3 turns.

The same turn you use Belith’s skill, you recover 152 HP immediately. 100ish points more of direct healing, I really don’t see any cases where that would be more useful than higher overall healing


Personally, I think cBelith is always better to have over regular Belith.


I just LB regular Belith, did I make a mistake? I dont have C Belith.

Also, how would I properly emblem her since she is regular?

I view regular Belith as a support hero, healing and dispel…the dispel part I found more significant…offense and def…so in any case, I’ll need her to be as sturdy as can be…and would go def/HP all through…this however, would be different if C-Belith comes into the consideration!