How would you arrange this defense?

Athena, Gregorion, Grazul, Kageburado, Vivica

Those are my 5* options that are ascended or can be in the near future. I could also ascend Leonidas as a second yellow if I wanted to.

My main problem is what to do with Grazul and Vivica. Both healers and both clerics.

Keep both healers on the Defense Team, Leonidas on an attacking team. Grazul also has an innate ability. Any hero with an innate ability is a bonus.

Kageburado-Athena-Vivica-Grazul-Gregorion seems like the best option for now, even though it’s too defensive.

So the criticism I see of having healer tanks is that you can just dump tiles into them without worrying about it, so if I’m going to tank with Viv/Graz don’t I need deadly flanks around them?

This is tough. I too dislike most healer-tanks (Kunchen is the exception that proves the rule). Maybe Athena - Vivica- Kageburado- Grazul - Greg? I’m not wild about Average heroes in the corners, but it could work okay.

Any 4 stars that would work better, or should I go strictly with my 5 stars? Assume just about every S1/S2 4* is available to use.


Kageburado - Vivica - Athena - Gregorion - Grazul

Once you’ll get better yellow, blue and green heroes you could try to let both Kageburado and Grazul be the flanks.

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