How will you rate E&P after 1.2? Edit: and after discussion with E&P started by Avicious



Right. I know what it’s based on. But read some threads, tell me what you see. Tons of people with lopsided scores, like 3500 to 600 complaining. And the war isn’t even over yet.

I appreciate what they are trying to do, but, at least for our alliance (and it seems many others) it just wasn’t fun.


The proof will be in the pudding when the war is over.

I fully expect the devs to run serverwide data comparisons of the AW results. If the matchmaking has indeed improved then overall the wars should have been won with a narrower margin.

For now, I’m not seeing a floodwave of complaints yet compared to the feedback on the old matchmaking method. Yet.


Getting rid of the 92k ham opponents in lower tier raids it what I was referring to.

In high raid tier I’m seeing at least 15-20k each raid, so it’s not so bad for me.


Wouldn’t really change my rating. I never raided for the ham; it’s mainly to fill the chest so I can get the elemental chests quicker. Some of my heroes got improved specials (and gives me more of a reason to level Domitia). This AW felt like a huge mismatch (we were matched pretty well until the current update, good and challenging wars most of the time), but while we lost, it wasn’t by nearly as much as I think some of us expected, so we’ll see how it goes from there.


4th straight slaughter here. New algorithm is completely broken. 1000 point loss yet again. I’m about to lose 3 coiners because they are frustrated with drop rates and AW.
I’ve almost stopped complaining because they don’t listen.



I think this is a better thread than Avicious thread on changes to give your examples of Google play And Apple App store ratings. Just my 2 cents…

Are we heading to Pay2Win? Plus, other concerns

My rating would climb from 2 to 4 and then dropping to 1. At the moment this game is unplayable. I just play to not fall back.


Before we had much closer AW matchups. After 1.12 introduction, only the last one was fair which we lost by a close margin. All other wars were terrible matchups mostly ending with 1000+ difference in war points, only one of them in our favor and all other against us. Our alliance is a casual one, but it aggravates members nevertheless. So I’d drop my grade from 5 to 2.