How will this team work?

I’ve had Li Xiu, Melendor, and Kelile for a while now and they are upgraded to a good extend.

First I got Boril from Blue elemental summon.
Then I got Rigard from Purple elemental summon. I didn’t feed anything to neither yet.
I have like 200 gems left. I don’t really spend on this game other than buying the VIP every month.

How would this team (Kelile, Rigard, Boril, Li Xiu, Melendor) work?
I’m currently upgrading various 3* heroes.
Should I go for another 4* Purple instead of upgrading Rigard.

Thank you.

Healer heavy (for def), if you could get Caedmon instead of Mel, it would be very good, I think.

Rigard is a must-have, I’d say. Depending on the lack of other dispellers (Caedmon, Sonya, Sabina), Melendor might be a must-have, too.

Edit: Boril makes a good tank. Li Xiu too, but she’s also great as flank. Kelile is a nice sniper.


Me Li Bo Ri Ke

meliborike - what a def…
I love 2 healers on def - at least.

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As @AngelOfDark666 said in terms of needing a little more punch.

If that’s your best 5 for now, I’d try Mel Kel boril li Rigard

Then if they charge equally, Mel will dispell counter attack etc before the others attack


Yeah actually I really wanted to draw Tiburtus instead of Rigard. That would make an interesting team too.

But this is not the most efficient team for Titans or map, right?

And what about attacking at PvP?

I would recommend at least one healer next to Boril (if not both), since they won’t have somebody left to heal on wings. On flank they will kick in earlier. Rigard is sturdy enough for that role. Then Melendor far left to clear riposte before your hitters will run into it.

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Boril is great on defence… Only.

The rest are good all-round hero’s that will continue to be useful even when you pull other hero’s.

You work with what you have - it’s a defensive team to be attacking with, but it’s still going to beat the snot out of playing with a 3* team.

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Boril with his counterattack will be helpful as you progress through the map as well, especially when going up against bosses who hit everyone.

I think Rigard is the way to go for your dark heroes, and I’d recommend any future gem pulls you do to be during Atlantis. If you’re really patient maybe try to save for a 10 pull as it’s slightly cheaper.

For best results on titans you want an attack buffer, a defense debuffer, and heroes with high tile damage in the strong color. Unfortunately none of the heroes you listed quite fit those first two roles, but you could get by with some 3s depending on what level titans you currently fight.

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