How will the Atlantis Summons continue once all Season 2 provinces are revealed?


If Atlantis is through, how does it continue with the summon?
Do the incantations then continue at the end of the month?

Greatings Sir Holger

Each month, three more stages of the Season 2 map unlock, and the Atlantis summons portal appears for 3 days. That is where you get a chance at the Atlantis heroes, and former heroes of the month.

I believe OP was asking about what happens when all provinces are revealed.
Will the Atlantis portal keep opening every month?

I can’t imagine otherwise, what would new players do with their Atlantis coins?

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Or will it always be available? :slight_smile:

oh ok…you’re probably right. I don’t know, and haven’t seen it discussed anywhere.

But it would be logical to open it every month, as there will always be players at various stages of Season 2 still collecting the coins.

very good question !
I believe that season 2 heroes will still be available somehow…
Well at least I hope so, if not how would I get my Tarlak !!! :wink:

Someone has any clue on that one ?

I am really hoping they will feature ALL the S2 5* in the last 1 to 3 months of the new map in a summon. (And of course make them available via tc20 or otherwise in the future).

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I doubt that they will be available through TC20, although I would love it

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I think they’ll be there, all included, like an epic summon until s3 is released. They’ll come back the month after the final 3 stages are revealed and stay open. The wash, rinse, repeat.

My opinion.

But when I’m done with Atlantis, I can not get any more coins.
Will only the Atlantis coins stay outside the boxes?
Questions about questions …:see_no_evil:

Well, yeah. You will be getting only the coins from chests, etc.
I just assume that someone who will install E&P in a few months from now will have the same chance to earn and spend Atlantis coins as we did. I can’t imagine SGG (or any other gaming company) doing otherwise.

Yes, but if you played Atlantis normally and hard, you will not receive any more coins.
the new ones still have the opportunity to earn all 80.

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