How/ why do you "loot ticket"?

Recently i have caught myelf using loot tickets when i probably should not.
Typiclly, i would only use a WE Flask and loot tickers to hurry up an elemental chest, but i have noticed that i use them more and more as real life time crunches my game time

I seem to recall when loot tickets were first introduced, and the forum was the usual “hell in a hand basket” about it, but i do not see many posts., pro or con, about loot tickets anymore

So i ask, how do YOU use them…IF you do


If I’m at work, I will pop in the game and burn some tickets on 8-7 to get quick recruits when I just don’t have time to do it at work. :slight_smile:

I’ve been told by someone in my alliance that this is a waste of them, but… eh, who cares? I haven’t really puzzled out what the correct use actually is, so I’m looking forward to seeing what other people do with them in this thread!


I use them when I’m at work or trying to fill an elemental chest. Quick way to get XP, crafting mats, training mats, recruits, heroes and troops. I typically farm season 2 1-9 and 15-8 hard, but I use them in season 1 for elemental chests


If I am in a hurry to play and need to burn energy. I use them then.

Otherwise I use them on the harder levels if I don’t feel like playing. Obviously ones I completed.


I understand that loot tickets are for farming, but have they taken over the necessity of auro play?
How often do we take for granted, those little tickets? Are they common? Rare?

Be real, are you a user, or or not?

Loot ticket addiction is real

I use them to autofarm right before I lvl up so I can use all my WE up before the lvl and not lose WE.


Right before level up is is a great use. I use them in 15-8 hard mode over my lunch break at work


Most of my “farming” on week days consists of 7 auto loot tickets on 20x4 before work and again after work. This has been surprisingly sustainable…

I use loot tickets if I have full or close to full WE but cannot play. Mainly this happens at work where I cannot even have my cellphone on to autoplay.

I also use them if I know my next battle will level me up. Then, I use loot tickets equal the WE I have left since it will refill when I level.


This is the best use of loot tickets if you only get a handful now and again, imho

Use up your raid and titan energy, time it just right…use all your WE, get a full refresh and hit the titan again :grin:



If I’m in a hurry to use up flags (no WiFi soon, busy elsewhere, etc.), that’s when I use them.
If I’m trying to fill a chest AND get exp points, I use them on 23-9 (13-14 enemies).
While waiting for a chest to open, I use them on 23-11 (only 3 enemies), for the highest exp.

In every case, I only use them for those two levels, because I either get the best exp, or the most exp which also has the most enemies.

Anything else is a waste, IMO. For lower levels, I play the levels. If I don’t have time, see above. Rinse and repeat. :slight_smile:


I use them in season 2, hard levels, or if I’m really in a hurry and sick of waiting for auto play to finish. I’d use them more if they were available.

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Like others, I use them for:

  • Season 2 15-8 Hard: good recruits per flag and crafting ingredients (especially Firestone), and excellent bang-for-the buck on the loot ticket itself since it’s a meaty WE level

  • 8-7 to fill a Monster Chest and get Recruits every now and then when the time for autofarming would be substantially inconvenient…like I want to go to sleep

  • Filling Elemental Chests in conjunction with 1-2 WE flasks

  • Timing leveling up better and with full WE usage without just burning it on a low level

I’ve found all of that to be quite sustainable, but I often wish we got way more loot tickets so I could use them worry-free whenever I want, or that there were some point where replaying a level with instant win were free…like maybe once you’ve run that particular level 1000 times. :face_with_monocle:


I use them when I’m about to level up to use up my remaining flags efficiently. I use them for the first farm of the day. I use them when I’m busy or to farm levels I can’t auto farm like S2 hard levels.


I’m similar in the morning, I will fire off a loot ticket on s1 23-9 and then take a shower and pick up on farming after.

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I only use loot tickts for elemental chests, or a quick flag burn on S2-15-8 hard.

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I also use them on S2 15-8 hard at work, but when I’m at my desk. Lunch break is sacred.

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…not waisting any we during work or if I don’t have time…

Should be also postet in:
You know you play too much E&P, when…



I only use them when I wake up in the middle of the night, for a smoke. Even then sometimes I just let autoplay run.

Basically, i only use them when I am beyond lazy (or half asleep)

I guess thats why I have 200 of them…

I don’t see the purpose of those. I mean they are suppose to be free game wins, but you still have to use your World Energy to utilize them…???

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