How well you enjoy the game while you are baked🗿

This thread is just for fun discussion! Don’t know if this is against the Forum rules, talking about the things we do while getting baked. Please feel free to correct me if so. I’m new to the forum and this is the first ever topic I’m creating😁

I always enjoy Titan Battles when I’m high. Like yesterday I was totally baked and managed to get the highest hit ever in my E&P lifetime.

Share your experience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are you implying that this game can be played sober?


@KLinMayhem, while no evidence to indicate being “baked” there is plenty of self-proclaimed Drunk E&P gameplay you done haha

Dumbest thing I did while “Drunk E&P-ing” was here:

Left 2x flags on the battlefield…


Well! That can be done. But apparently it’s better when baked✌️

Unwind responsibly. Sacrificing a maxed hero while drunk can be a real Heartbreakers :crazy_face:

Never really reached the temperature to be baked, but I have been toasted a time or three.


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