How well do you know your heroes?

Not that I know of. Sorry.

Would of been more but I have fat fingers


I tried again. Saved a few for the end. Did this!

You certainly know your E&P heroes!

It helps that I have most of the ones on the quiz:)

Here it is:


Thanks, but how do you get to see what is written there on your phone? I don’t think is visible even on tablet…

Nice list but a few mistakes in the description, including one on this quiz

I click on the picture, get the big one and zoom in…

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Not my monkey business, I only provided the link to the list. You could provide corrections :woman_shrugging:

Let me the wrong description in the quiz and I’ll take a look. Thanks.

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Got 19/52, and I am ashamed, lol. Ran out of time actually, thinking too hard… I feel like I could’ve done better.

Hopefully this’ll make someone else feel not so terrible about their result. :sweat_smile:

It was fun though, thanks for creating this @Orangebee (btw, small correction, it’s “Wilbur”…).


Anzogh’s right on the quiz, wrong on the list. Thought you guys might know who made it

Thanks, changed. I’m better with number so happy with only 1 spelling mistake!

Click on a hero and it includes the description under the closeup on the right.

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Unfortunately I don’t understand what you are saying. I can’t figure out where is the description. It is OK anyway, I read the one Angel posted. I know already half of the heroes by heart :slight_smile:

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I have already memorize all. Now I know the one description the second I see. Nice stuffs. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this.

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Nice quiz. I got 38/52 .


For future reference:


Edit: didn’t like my first image …

I guess you posted a wrong link then, because it is nothing like this. First of all, Fandom wiki has a white background and in your image I see is blue, like here, on forum…

This is how appears on my screen the link you gave me:

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