How well do you know your heroes?

Hi all,

Just a bit of fun. I’ve taken the hero’s descriptions and created a quiz, so have a go and you can brag to us all. How many heroes can you match to their descriptions? Post your results here and let us know how you did.


Only 22…some I haven’t ever seen, because I don’t have them, some I haven’t carefully thought about and some I had translation problems, lol.

Great quiz, thank you! Was fun :slight_smile:

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Glad you enjoyed it. Harder than you think it will be!

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Great, thank you for that!!!

Just realized I don’t have to go in order… I give it another try:

with time to spare!

Margaret gave me a hard time, hate her!

Well, considering I am the one who wrote down those names the most of all people (during creation of the rosters) it is not as good as I expected but it is not so bad so…


Where are those descriptions for the heroes? It is the first time I hear about this. I don’t see such things on the hero cards… LOL. I’m really curious to see what description has every hero in the game.

When you select a card and click on the magnifier glass in the upper left corner - beware not to unlock them :slight_smile:

Edit: I think in that hero roster thread the titles are given, too…
But it’s more fun not to glimpse while quizzing :smiley:


Thanks, I will try on heroes I have.

That’s a great score!

77%. Hit the wrong name on a couple of them though

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Everyone seems to know who the “Bog Witch” and the “Monkey Lord” is! :rofl:

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I think you can only see the heroes that you have. I wasn’t able to look at ones I didn’t have.

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Indeed. Is there a site or place with all these descriptions?

Not that I know of. Sorry.

Would of been more but I have fat fingers


I tried again. Saved a few for the end. Did this!

You certainly know your E&P heroes!

It helps that I have most of the ones on the quiz:)

Here it is:


Thanks, but how do you get to see what is written there on your phone? I don’t think is visible even on tablet…

Nice list but a few mistakes in the description, including one on this quiz

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