How war matching system works exactly

Why don’t use player level matchmaking AW?
From the player level there can be seen the strength of each player

Player level is not good to compare.
There are players in our alliance that are 10+ levels lower and have a lot more decent hero’s then I do.
These players have deep pockets and buy stuff, I don’t.

I am at level 40 now and still need to level my first 5* hero into the last tier because of lack of material. While players lower level then me have fully maxed 5* teams.

So player level is not a good idea :wink:


was about the to say the same thing. We have a 4 alliance system tiered by player strength/experience and i see mixed results all the time with player levels. I’ve seen level 15s stronger than level 20s, 20s stronger than 30s, 30s stronger than 40s, etc so player level is pretty inaccurate regarding roster strength and depth

Please note—as has been said now MANY times on the Forum—alliance points have nothing to do with matchmaking.

Instead, it’s:

I KNOW THAT! :wink: Problem isn’t opponent points! Problem is much more stronger defence teams! And I mean war defence teams! Like last opponent all war defence team expect two over 3700! ALL above 3500. We have We have 5 players under 3500. They bench was far deeper than ours. I know, hoe the match is done and also said that many times. We hadn’t much problems in matchmaking before update in that stronger alliance. Some we won and some we lost. After update we have couple wars with huge margin(much weaker alliance) and now lost with huge points difference. I think the problem is now that win and lose row!

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The only thing we were ever able to track was opponent defense lineup. How can you tell bench? That’s a guesstimate.

You took two separete sentence there! :blush: I meant, that war matchmaking isn’t good, when other team won with over 1000.

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Just the point difference tells that! Close matches are fun. I hated also those easy wars after update. It’s not fun crush other team so badly.

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My understanding is that the weight given to win/loss record isn’t that big in match making. I guess in theory two small swings (weaker alliance in matchup has won a lot in the past, stronger has lost a lot) could equal a big move…but we are talking a pretty low impact on the total score for win/loss.

we dont know that for sure. devs wont release that info

That sucks. We used to get matches like like all the time, but since the update all but one has been 150 points or less difference in score. Many times under 100.

And I agree, its not fun being beaten or winning by a blow out. Its fun when its close and you are waiting until the timer runs out to know who will win.

The good news is SG is collecting stats on all of this and looking for ways to improve it, and the stats show that much better match making is happening overall since the last update.

We don’t know the exact number, but the example showed a very low impact.

i guess i missed the example

I think, our problem was that before update we lost 3 wars in row. All with 100-200 points. So after update we got two really easy wars and after those 5 good match, which we won. All with that 100-200 points(we also could have lost)difference and 7 wins got us, that really strong opponent. I’m not mad, because we lost, but it seems, that the opponent pool is wider for us now.

What purpose does the Alliance score serve? It’s not used in matchups and it just cause confusion for players who think it does.

If the devs use it for their own data purposes, why do we even need to see it. The cup score is useless as a lot of players cup drop.

Unless I’m missing something, I think it should be removed and just use the new score.

Its used for alliance ranking on the leaderboards I believe.

general confusion is right. it serves as a ranking tool for the leaderboard can also serve as a reference tool to recruits if they’re curious about how active and strong your alliance is and if they’re a good fit. Also gives alliance members sort of a marking tool to see how far they’ve advanced since the alliance was started or since they joined

I guess I’m not a numbers person. I never check that score and I don’t bother to see where we rank on the leaderboard.

All I know is the first thing our players complain about in a matchup is that alliance score difference and no one can convince them it’s not being used.

well then no offense intended but that seems a little ignorant on their part and isnt really a devs fault or game mechanic fault

Seems like an opportunity to educate to me. You pointed out one of the biggest reasons it isn’t good for war matching, and that is that it uses cups, which some people regularly drop. Its a very poor indicator of an alliances true strength for many alliances.

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