How war matching system works exactly

i know it say ally war score is based on each team hero and troops plus winning history but is it calculating the strongest 5 heroes ? or the strongest 6 teams ? or all the heroes you got in your bag ?

because we got an ally all of them are 4k+ team power troops are 16 ~ 26 Lv while half of my ally is below 3600 and the highest troop lv is 20 with only 1 player the rest is all 5~15lv troops

i didnt post about it when the matchmaking system choosed that ally because i thought maybe someone outpt or they got no strong teams but the def team but after the war started it turned out they 80% got 6 maxed teams and none of us got more than 3 maxed teams.

PS. most of our players are new and we got alot of heroes which are still at lv1 if the system calculate all the heroes we got then maybe we should start get rid of the extra heroes ?

It calculates top30 heroes from everyone! Base on those heroes teampower. So lvl1 5* hero isn’t same than max out 5* hero in that matchmaking. My second alliance has got also much stronger opponent many times(also this time) and we have maybe win 50% of our wars and those, which we have won has been closely matched.

  • The best 30 heroes in hero roster of each Alliance member
  • Out of the 30 heroes, the most weight is put on the best five heroes of each Alliance member
  • Player count of the Alliance (also subtracting those who have opted out) - they try to get an even number of players on both sides, but it can vary by up to three members.
  • The troop strength of the best in each element
  • war history

see the change log for AW here.


How does it works? It’s easy to asnwer that and take only 4 words!


We have 10 player below 3400 of power (7 below 2900) and in front of us there are no player below 3400. We have done 10 attacks more than they did and are already loosing by 300 points. Our 10 small player have only 2/3 teams so their 35 remaining attacks won’t be done or with 3* at level 1.

So right now we have 86 attacks to do (-35) and in front of us 96 where half of the attacks are from their highest player that didn’t start to attack. Not funny again and again…

Bottom line is that their numbers simply do not add up in any way. For the 4th straight war we are getting crushed by a far superior opponent. Losing our last 3 by large margins eliminates any part of the equation of us performing well.

Our opponent has 68 heroes on the board with 600+ power, we have 28. They have 114 total heroes above 500 to our 69. Linear matchup (1vs1, 2vs2,etc) we are higher only 4 times.

dude we are losing by 1500 and we used 30 hits more, my ally got people of 3200 3300 around 7 of them and 10 below 3600 and the enemy is all 4k with mostly 6 maxed teams, i have no idea how the war score is the same

btw we still didnt fill our 1st chest which means we lost at least 4 wars so far since the last matchmaking changes

why do people keep going by raid defense teams to get an idea of a player’s strength? the 2 are not very correlated. I’ve met players that have maxed 5* but still use 4* in their defense teams. I’ve met players that have an awesome defense team but they only have a couple if maxed rainbow teams total.

raid defense teams have such a giant variance that it’s really not a reliable reference to go on and never has been.

I’m sitting on 40 to 45 maxed 4*/5* heros. Doesnt mean i always put up my strongest defense team. war is about depth. raid or war defense teams are based on preferred strategy.

nothing against the OP. I’m just tired of seeing every matchmaking thread start with “opponents have x,xxx tp defense teams and we have…”

they have given us a measurement to go on with war score and have yet to release any further details on the math. i asked specifically for that info but no response yet

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We are at 23 of 25 for the chest so it won’t be for this time for us too :frowning:

Last war we lost by 20 points. We did all our attacks and team in front of us was playing with us. They keep 50 attacks :frowning:
Each time we were in front they were doing few attacks to come back in front of us. You can’t imaging how it can be frustrating it is,…


same here

Yeah, that’s true, but when your alliance is full with under lvl30 players and their defence teams 2600. They really don’t have depht in their heroes. :wink: And when you are all the time facing war opponets with 3400. It really isn’t that fair matchmaking.


i dont know what else to say about it other than my team will set 2600 defense teams from now on if that will make opponent think they have an easy match

I mean war defence teams! :wink: And that alliance has new players, who have only played couple of months. They don’t have bench, most of them haven’t finished their main team yet. I do understand, that sometimes people drop cups, but those usually are over lvl40 players.

oh ok i was under the impression we were talking about how people look at an opposing team’s raid defense teams during prep and start making assumptions about the match up and how strong/weak the opponents are.

my bad. more coffee lol

cups has nothing to do with war matching

When I looked at the war match before war started we would be in trouble, the opposing team every member was above level 28 four of them above level 40 we only have two above 40 and probably half under 25 so just buy that alone I knew they’d have deeper benches, our top two defenses were much higher than any of theirs mine is 4087 the other 4074, but there teams all had very high lvled troops my lvl 11 4* yellow is the highest in the aliance so they had us there also we lost by 700 and they had 15 more flags left then us

I stopped looking.

We have an opponent. We’re going to fight them. There will be a winner. We get points to war chest either way.

@General_Confusion is right how war matchmaking works. Kudos. :slight_smile:

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I know they don’t! But when your opponent has 13k more alliance points and your alliance is very active and yet can’t reach that in anyways. And by the way lost over 1000 points and used more attacks than them. It really isn’t that good match. And we haven’t won many wars.

Same with my other alliance, we faced top100( 13k more points than us) and lost over 1000 with only 10 attacks left and very organized and timed attack, but that I understand more since we won 7 in row, but those were close 100 points wins. :wink: I just don’t think, that good matchmaking would cause that huge point differences. I don’t mind losing, when the match is good. I just love wars, which are close calls not those, which are very huge point differences.

And we have also matched with alliance with over 10k less than us and so that their war defence teams are much weaker than ours. Those we have won with huge over 1500 difference. I don’t like those wars either, because those wars aren’t fun and are very unfair to opponent.

do you think it’s possible that the alliance which beat you guys by a substantial amount and was much stronger than you may have went on a bad losing streak which got them matched with your alliance?

With an ELO system in place, this kind of thing can and will happen. I predict we’ll start seeing “war dropping” as well. take a dive for 5 wars, accumulate as many points as 1 win, then get 4 easy matchups for an easy chest fill without much effort. Similar to cup dropping which is also manipulating an ELO system. I have yet to see an ELO system in a video game that isn’t flawed or manipulated

I actually think that both of those alliances have had to lose wars to get us as opponents. Problem with that lower level alliance is that, we haven’t won many wars something like 50% of them. And yeah that is kind of fair prosent, but everytime we won, next war is ridicoulous much stronger alliance.

And I also think, that there are soon war droppers or maybe there already are those! So there really should be some limit with how much stronger or weaker opponent you get.

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