How viable is Dr. Moreau as tank?

Hey all,

I have a bit of a dilemma. I recently got Dr. Moreau short after I got Drake Fong. Both are great attackers and I think both will be great on defence.
I will take de attack path on Drake for sure, but I don’t know what to do with Dr. Moreau. Currently my tank is Aegir, with Zulag or Santa as other options.
My roster for 5* heroes that matter is:
Red: Santa, Marjana+20, Gjeffon, Vanda+20
Green: Lianna+20, Elkanen +18, Kadilen
Blue: Magni+20, Aegir+20, Isarnia
Purple: Sartana+20, Zulag, Dr. Moreau
Yellow: Gazelle+20, Vivica, Joon, Drake Fong

I was thinking of a couple of things:
-Using Dr. Moreau as a tank on defence path
-Using Dr. Moreau as a tank on attack path
-Using Santa as tank with Dr. Moreau and Drake Fong as flanks
-Using Aegir as tank and using spare emblems on Moreau, about 8 levels worth(I think this is a bad choice :grin: )

I think my best defence setups would be something like:
Gjeffon-Drake Fong-Dr. Moreau-Magni-Lianna
Or perhaps Gjeffon-Drake Fong-Aegir-Dr. Moreau-Lianna
Or Vanda on the flank somewhere and a blinder on the wing.

What would you do?


I think Drake + Moreau as flanks can be very very annoying, by hitting hard and blinding your opponents, while your wings kill them.
However, Moreau can also be a very effective tank. I’m currently leveling mine for this purpose, with from left wing to right wing : Gefjon, Frigg, Moreau, Crystalis, Jabberwock, or something like that. I will choose a full defense path for this, considering his paladin class and his innate ability.
Whatever the case, attack or defense, I’m sure he will shine.

Dr. Moreau as a tank is actually being discussed in this topic. Theoretically it could work, but if I had him, I would go attack path. Also bear in mind DF and Dr. M will overlap each others blinds, so despite being somewhat annoying, it’s not that optimal.

If I had your roster, I would try this setup:
Dr. Moreau-Gazelle-Vanda-Magni-Liana


Thanks for the input. I will never use Gazelle on defence though. I don’t think I ever lost to a team with Gazelle on defence. It is like having a free Alfrike on your team, cutting everyones mana.

I don’t have her myself, but Gazelle is actually ranked A as a flank by Anchor and I think it’s a well deserved score. Once she fires, she is priority for the oponent. And since Vanda will protect everyone from status effects, this will be a team extremely efficient against this type of heroes and I think that’s a better feat than running two blinders. But that’s just me.

Maybe run some tests and see how it goes.

Gazelle is terrible in my experiences facing her in a defense. She is a huge liability when she fires because if she dies all her teammates mana goes to zero. She’s never been a problem for me anyways. Offensively she’s A+ though.


I miss one tabard but I plan to use him as a tank instead of alfrike (except rush attack ofc) and I will most certainly go the full defense/hp path.
Any tank with less than 900 def nowadays is not really a tank…

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