How valuable to an alliance are players not engaged with war or the titan?

Throw the bums out, they have absolute ZERO worth.

if u keep bad player, all good players will leave

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Exactly this. If the alliance wants to grow and point to the best possible outcome, then everyone should contribute. No matter how strong your teams are, no matter how many points you score, if you log in you HIT the titan, otherwise you’re just a dead log carried by others.

I’m leaving my current alliance because of the dead wood we have accumulated. we’ve gone from 11* to 8* because of the lack of hits.

Almost always the same people who miss 2 -3 flags in the war as well.

I’m not a top top player in the game. But I score in our top 5 for titan every day (often top 2) and top 10 for every war.

Yeah so get rid of the dead wood before the living leave.

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Just like life…Participation equals success…consistent participation of all hands at deck is the mission!! If your alliance holds you down then it is time to find your equals. Casual alliances are casual. Competitive ones are always in demand. Look for an alliance that fits your abilities. Keep it fun and keep it easy to understand. Starter, training and higher tier alliances is the multi-player reality. Find what fits your needs and have fun!

my question is: Why is anyone in an alliance when they refuse to participate? :woman_shrugging: Beats me…


alliance is all about titan and wars.
basically everything else can be done solo.

alliance leadership should set out the rules for everyone and for new joiners so they know what is expected of them.

i am an alliance leader, i felt bad for kicking people out and had at one point an alliance full of inactive players. so i had to remove them to make space for active players, while setting an unnotified activity rule.

then came war, we were losing wars left and right because well flags were left, so we requested that war participants must commit fully to war or opt out, simple as that. we are forcing anyone to do something they dont wanna do, its just basic respect for others who are committed.
if a player misses flags, we expect an explanation, but if they log in and dont explain then elders get demoted and members get removed.

now the issue with titans is that tracking it is a full time job, you need to monitor who hit, when they hit and when their last log in was. its critical, so therefore set a minimum target, either a minimum damage or a minimum number of hits, depending on the alliance level. you cant expect a team of lvl 20-30 players to hit over 100k damage on each titan, they basically wont all have the power to do so. some reason is needed for this.

RL always comes first, if you miss a war due to some issues it is understandable, but communication is key in alliance success.

Many good points here.

100%. When you lose a member, you don’t always get a reason (or the real reason), but allowing ppl to stay when they aren’t meeting the expectations of the alliance will result in turnover.

Agree here as well. Set rules and hold all accountable, it’s the only way to build trust and buy in from everyone.

This depends on what you are willing to do in terms of data gathering. From experience, this can consume your time quickly. It is important to also take care of yourself and avoid burnout.

In summary, my advice would be to:

  1. Set reasonable goals for your alliance (and yourself), and modify them as your capabilities change
  2. Clearly communicate the expectations
  3. Consistently perform the same actions to any player who does not meet the expectations

To me, the goal of the leader is to assume the burden of alliance management to allow other to just enjoy the game. Being consistent means that when something happens, people don’t stress because they know it will be handled. The people that meet the expectations should be valued as important pieces of the whole.

All the best :slight_smile:


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