How valuable to an alliance are players not engaged with war or the titan?

What number of dropped war flags would be as bad as zero scores on titans?

Our alliance currently has 26 members and the spare spaces have some value when calling in mercs on titans.

How do you prioritise when deciding who to kick?

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Call me cut throat, but what is the point of an alliance if you aren’t attacking the titan daily and participating in wars?

Companionship can be found anywhere, but inactive members by definition serve no point…


Back when I had something to say in my old alliance we were relative strict with war.

Let 1 or more flags expire once that can happen, let the people give an explanation or excuse and move on.

If it happened a second time in the next few weeks they got some warning and were encouraged to maybe just stop playing wars for some time if that didn’t work for them at the moment.

At the 3rd they were kicked.

But it’s very important to make those rules Clear for everyone from the beginning. You can’t just kick one because he missed 3 wars when it was never talked about it before.

And it must be the same for everyone. The leadership has to be some example for all the others.
And you really need to write those names down. Complete log who let flags expire in which war. Because if not you may kick the one you remember but maybe miss one who is far more lazy but you just don’t remember it. Something like that would lead to extreme unrest in the alliance.

Same with titans. Make clear before what you expect from them. We were relative lazy with titans so we never kicked one because of titans. But there you can make similar rules.
Hit when online.
Hit at least 5 titans a week.
Minimum damage needed.

It just depends what you want from your Alliance and what you can realistically expect. If it’s common to attack the Titan just once enforcing rules won’t help much. Either accept it, or start from beginning and kick a lot of people, or change alliance.


Alliance management is today damn complex. especially with many players quitting / taking a break.

I admire alliance leaders for doing their thing to manage alliances & the fine lines the alliance treads to keep it all together.

While an ideal 30 number of members is important, the deadwood / non-participants cause more harm to pulling the others down, so, clear rules with certain flexibility needs to be implemented…

  • Daily Titan minimum is a MUST
  • War participation is not such a huge thing… as it doesn’t matter if one has opted out, unless that alliance is seeking out global ranking !
  • Alliance quests, now part of the alliance play, needs to be completed at least.

These are my 3 key points for staying / being allowed into an alliance.

In my 2 years with the game, I haven’t missed a single titan hit, cleared beyond minimum titan hit limits most times, unless it was a time-zone spawn issue… which must have happened less than 5 times…ever…
opted out of 3 or 4 wars till now… so within reason, it is possible to do, if one has the motivation to engage with one’s alliance.

Else, leave , find a chilled alliance that are doing it casually without anY pressure = Titans are low stars & not much rewards to get… but life is cool !


our rules are miss 3 escape titans have war flags left 3 times in 30 days and you get kicked. war is not required. we take screen shots of escaped titans and player names showing flags left in war and post on a APP for the leaders. this is a co-leaders job.

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We are are strict on war flags. Miss 1 and if an elder demoted and cant’ be promoted for 30 days on 1st offense. 60 days if 2nd offense, 90 days if 3rd. if 4th it is 1 year. If you are a member and miss you get kicked. We ask that if you think you might miss please opt out. We haven’t been strict on Titans but we are moving in that direction as we have seen apathy towards hitting the titan the last 2 months

I mean this isn’t a sport where you can really have cheerleaders…

Occasionally opting out of a war or missing a Titan is fine but long term they become baggage.

May be harsh…but I’d be happy for lower level players to be involved and doing the best they can over a veteran who just wants to raid and farm…


What about war type opt out (aka rush). I always encourage people frustrated with the rush format to just opt out during, it isn’t worth the frustration.

Yeah I’d be fine with that. But again you look at overall input. An alliance is a team at the end of the day. I wouldn’t put up with someone being lazy at work but if they said they don’t want to do a certain thing as they get anxiety then 100% you work with them.

But if you have someone that is never in a war or hitting a Titan then what’s the point of them tbh.


No war doesn’t really bother me too much. Opting out of war is essentially the same as an empty roster spot.

Titan laggards I do mind. That has a bigger effect on others.

I’ve never seen someone who participates in everything but war.

You get a break if you need it. But long term you aren’t valuable to the alliance. Everyone should find an alliance that fits their style.


I’d ask them why they not hitting the titan when they log in… If it repeat offenders then i would Boot them (depending on reasons given I may let stay).
Also if your getting mercs on to kill the titan I’d advise to drop to a lower titan so this doesn’t become a issue…

War flags… if war optional and don’t use all get a warning and demoted… If repeat offenders and doing both on the titan… I’d say opt out of war and if they don’t and miss war flags again… they will be exited from the alliance… There reasons for not hitting the tiitan can be justify but if they still in war and not using flags they just being a waste of space…


Just offering my point of view. I’m not leadership. But I wouldn’t stay in an alliance where war flags are missed or we struggle to kill titans due to non-hitters. So, what I’m saying is, as much as leadership may want to be nice to everyone, they’ll risk losing the most active players if they don’t lead.


My alliance is chill. We have members who only hit titans and we have members who only war. There may be a couple who do neither, I don’t track that. We also have a huge range in player levels, like 25 to 85. I only boot members who have become inactive.

If hitting titans and/or war is that important to you you can always leave and find a better fit elsewhere. A few have.


we kick for players who are “Members” who missed war flags or players of any rank who disrespected other alliance members.

back when alliances were pretty much just titans and wars, prior leadership declared titans optional because there was no opt-out feature for them like in wars. our alliance has been described as “casually competitive,” so i tried to maintain that atmosphere when i took over the Leader position. real life stuff comes first, we get it, but if you’re going to be here, pull your weight.

we have a specific system for managing missed war flags, and rules are adjusted for newcomers. in the year that i’ve been leader, we’ve spent maybe 60 days out of 365 at 30/30, and i think we’ve had maybe two 30 vs. 30 wars.

i’m not bent up about zeroes on titans because 1) when i started in my current alliance, most players were still developing rosters, including titan teams, and 2) overall, we have improved our ability to defeat titans going from 9* when i started to taking out every 11* we see, most 12* titans, and an occasional 13* if the planets align. we also had a brief venture into 14* titans before we got a bad element for us and some player attrition. besides, no one gets zeroes on titan after titan anyway.

especially because titans spawn at different times of the day over the course of a week, it’s tough to maintain a “casual” atmosphere if i expect everyone to hit every single titan for a minimum amount of damage. we had a newcomer complain about the lack of titan requirements, but he’s the first person who ever complained to me about such a thing. if we maintained 30/30 players and had a wait list of people, then maybe i’d be stricter about it, but we’re not at that point.

nowadays, we have Mythic Titan and the Alliance Quest. MT specifically, i make explicitly clear to everyone that no one is under any obligation to spend any money, especially because we have some F2P players who we’re happy to have around and who make big contributions to the alliance. Alliance Quest, the only “requirement” is that we unlock Legendary, which really isn’t that much effort for us since we’ve always been 25+ players. otherwise, our requirements are pretty casual, especially since the rewards are absolutely not worth the effort for us to reach as high as we can in the alliance rank. that said, i do highly encourage players to compete as individuals, and i myself compete every single Mythic Titan for top 1% single and total attacks.

we’ve had a nice core of players. everyone in my alliance is happy to be in it, and if something changes and we want to be more competitive, we’ll talk about it. i don’t think people who maintain stricter requirements are more cutthroat per se, but it’s just about establishing and then managing expectations.


This is spot on. I’m a coleader. I don’t vote to boot to punish a person. But I always worry it may lead to someone else leaving.

We had a similar situation where we debated promoting someone to co leader. I said X player will be pissed. We promoted. X player did get pissed. Promoted player left a bit shortly after. Trying to recognize a top player turned into a morale decrease for another player.



Depends on the alliance


Have the following 8x co leaders

1x Weekend war
1x Weekday war
5x titan trackers, one each color
1x rare titan tracker

If teammate not participating, discuss with co leaders, and leader, and probably boot

War chest loot makes everyone stronger


5x co leaders

5x titan trackers, one each color

If teammate not participating, discuss with co leaders, and leader, and probably boot

Titan loot level 9+ makes everyone stronger

(Titan Loot Project - A Data Farming Project! Answering "What can/could I get from the Titan?")


Devs were forced to add individual war opt out

War chest helps those that help themselves

1* Titans not much help, except Titan parts for Titanium shields, and Panacea



Mmmm …
Hello @Gerg … hope you are well
I think first of all you need to ask why they don’t play regularly to hit the Titan daily and participate fully in wars if opted in. That’s your starting point.
Secondly you need to decide what type of alliance you want to lead. What do you want to achieve. What are the base rules. How will they be governed. What are the penalties and how will they be applied.
For me personally, being part of an alliance I am committed to daily attacks on the Titan, full participation in war (but if not available opt out), participate in mythic Titan, participate in alliance quests (clash) and talk in chat….
That said when you have agreed the rules for your alliance, communicate them regularly and explain the penalties.
If members fail to achieve alliance goals I would suggest a three strikes and out irrespective of level : member, elder, co-leader.
Good luck


Yeah most players here are going to be highly active players wanting to be in alliances with full participation (all war flags used if opted in, some sort of titan requirements)…

That said it is a game and not a job, there are MANY casual alliances where activity expected is low or none and you probably won’t see many of those players here. It is a casual game to them they get on, do what they want to do with no goal to maximize output or anything, maybe not daily, maybe just on during war days if they enjoy that.

But the alliance should be first step in determining direction, if it doesn’t align with the player then better for them to be in an alliance that fits HOW they want to play the game. If the alliance leaders want to change direction then expect a temporary mess. I’ve done it to myself as a previous leader, and have seen it as well in alliances as recent as the alliance quest. I have also seen it through inaction of leaders in enforcing rules of titan / war hits.


My first alliance was an alliance of strangers. I left quickly after seeing 75% of the members not hitting the Titan. For war, only 5 opted in, but 2 of those didn’t use flags consistently… the 3 of us who religiously used every flag soon quit as the alliance leader didn’t do anything.

My alliance now has many inactive members who don’t log in anymore. Those of us who still play though, contribute to the Titan, and those of us who War make use of all our flags. This works, and we keep the inactive members as members for the memories - we’re not looking to grow insanely more, we’re generally happy with the Titan levels we hit. As for war, I personally like having fewer warriors - makes it easier to coordinate and to pick targets!


Just left an alliance for just that reason. Dropping a member from the team does not mean they will no longer play the game. In fact you maybe doing them a favor by forcing them to find a better fit.

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