How useful is Melia compared to Bane?

Asking myself if I should level her over Bane since her skill seems really useful for titans (don‘t have wu kong yet). I also need a yellow 3* hero for events, not sure who would be the better choice there.

thank you for any advice

I would level both. Bane is an important staple in your early team. Since the Challenge Events have reflect colours, you will find it easier to complete them using more than one of the other colours. So eventually, it pays to have at least two of each colour. Also, you need 30 heroes to be able to use all your flags in wars, so don’t feed away any leveled heroes (3* and up).


New Atlantis rare heroes are awesome, except maybe Gil-Ra. It’s definitely worth to level them up imho.


Gill-ra is awesome. Lower attack & defense on enemies + status ailments dispel on allies? Realy useful on Rare during Events or for lower level players without maxed 4*.


On a 3* team, Melia is great. Bane is also a great, but he’s a fast sniper (with Blind). So if you have another sniper on your team in another color: Azar, Berden, Balthazar, Tyrum, Valen, etc then that role is filled and her bonus can help everyone.


I’m of the mind the only use for 3* is stop gaps until u get a 4-5* and events.

Saying that if your focus is events if you paid attention to events ranking. The top scorers are like 3-4 banes in a team. I also saw one using multiple banes and a Melia during pirates.

So it really depends on what u need her for. She doesn’t replace bane but she is good to level up and save for events if you are trying to make a higher score.

  • Maxed 3* heroes are what you have to use before you get a 4* / 5* roster.
  • After you have a 4* / 5* rainbow team, and somewhat less so after you get a second 4* / 5* rainbow team, you can use a 3* as a 2nd/3rd/4th hero of a strong color you are using against a titan / tough challenge/event level / raid opponent.
  • Still later in the game, when you don’t yet have 30 leveled up 4* / 5* heroes, your maxed 3* heroes will fill out your war attacks. (When I had ~20 4* and ~10 3* heroes, I was able to do six very effective war attacks by using three 4* heroes plus two extra 3*s of the strong color against the tank in each attack; it really stretched my roster a LOT)
  • and after you have 30 4* / 5* heroes (I’m just about there now), all your 3*s are really good for will be rare event challenges. 10 good heroes, two per color will do pretty well there, and three per color gives you even better options.

In short, you can find useful things to do with both Bane and Melia.


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