How useful are the once mighty

The once mighty refers to S1 5* heroes un-emblemed and un-costumed.

With 4* S3 heroes and costumed heroes fully emblemed they become stronger than your S1 5* heroes. I do not want to compare to which one is best as I believe it is unfair to compare emblemed and non emblemed heroes.

For me the once mighty has fallen (assuming they are without emblems and not in your defense team)

Here are a couple of reasons why:
A 5* hero (S1) no emblems are basically limited to your war bench.

The time and amount of emblems it takes to put 18 nodes on a 5* hero where you can do that to 3 4* heroes

Ascension materials needed to level them.

Difficulty in acquiring them.

Special skills:
As an example Mist’s special (much more effective) VS Richard’s special skill.

Other uses in the game:
Very limited whereas the 4* heroes gives you better options in depth and strength to compete in raid tournaments.

To support my argument

Discussion question:
Are S1 heroes worth leveling if they will only be in your war squadron or have the once mighty heroes become totally irrelevant?

I can think of a few exceptions. These heroes are still useful on defense, even without costume. There’s a definite theme…

Magni and Lianna

Honorable mentions to Marjana (decent, but not great, red sniper) and Isarnia (Titan team).

This is ignoring rush, where many more slow heroes are viable.


I think some will still be useful in niches, example I don’t like running into Isarnia , Azlar, or Quitas in a rush tourney or war.

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I would not count all the S1 5* heroes out yet. Several of them still very useful.

For example, Marjana only has one real competitor in the red sniper category in Gefjon.

Lianna still does excellent damage.

I personally am also partial to Vivica, and used her extensively even before I got her costume.

While it is true that some S3 and costumed 4* heroes are comparable in stats when fully emblemed, this does ignore the very real cost of embleming them. I have many of my 4* heroes emblemed and as a result, my 5* heroes are not as highly emblemed as they could be (mkst are at +7 or lower).


Joon, Marjana, Lianna & Magni all have a place still.

Sartana too.

With the added benefits that if you did get the costumes it makes them even better.

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S1 heroes are definitely outmatched one on one by their younger relatives, but they sure still pack a heavy punch. While they might be absolete on defense, on attack they sure still manage quite well.

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Firstly, I think it is comparing apples and oranges. We are approaching the end of Season 3 now. Season 1 - without a costume - is so old now.

To me, the answer depends on your roster, playing style, and your spending habits (f2p/c2p/p2p). As a very c2p, most of my maxed 5* are S1 5* without a costume.

In terms of S1 5* without a costume, I do think they are somewhat irrelevant in war IF you are competing at a high level (e.g unemblemed Elena vs Tell tank).

However, I choose to spend only small amounts. And I’ve been playing three years now, so I have plenty of mats and S1 5*.

To answer your question, only selected S1 heroes are worth levelling if they are only used in war. For me, I have plenty of mats and don’t expect to get many shiny, new 5*.

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I think this is greatly dependent on what level your playing at —

I finally got a Sartana and was pretty happy, put a Nordi (yea… s3 three star) to +20 for e. Debuff

But once all costumes are released — there are many s1 heroes I’d eat just to free up space and wait til the costume portal blessed me

Particularly duplicates —

Exceptions —

Marjana, Sartana, Lianna, Magni, Joon (hitter, potential costumes, worth mats , possibly duplicate worthy)

Leo, Kadilyn - one copy to 3/70, want costume

Isarnia — one copy, 3/70 for me, but she’s worth mats and great, simple.

Rest I could live without — may be worth it… may not

I’d rather put my effort into S1 4 star healers/debuffers — who are basically the backbone of the game.

(Shout out to Rigard; Boldtusk, debuff Trio)

Imo the only s1 heros that are worthy are the snipers. Joon 20 is on my defense still.

Can’t believe I forgot Joon. I even have him at +20 on my defense. :laughing:

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