How use Tarlak?

Bonsoir.:slight_smile: J’ai tarlak mais je ne sais pas avec qui ni comment accumuler sa compétence… Quelqu’un peut m’aider a mieux comprendre son fonctionnement s’il vous plaît?

Sorry, I do not speak French. But, this video might help. I am no expert, but I use Tarlak with mana potions before making strong color combos :slight_smile:


Thk u so much man.:grin: Really.:+1:

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You may find helpful information (in English) here:

In general there are two approaches to beating a foe:

  1. Tile damage
  2. Special attacks

Of course, every attack is a combination of these two, but you can build a team to excel more in one area than another.

Tarlak is a specialist in improving your tile damage. He doesn’t affect special attacks at all, but he doubles the tile damage (actually, a bit more than doubles because of math). He also has a huge attack stat, so his tiles hit hard anyway. If you combine him with other heroes that boost tile damage (like Ares, Gregorion, Melia) you can do huge amounts of tile damage and win without much or any damage from specials.


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