How (un)lucky can you possibly get?

Lucky : managed to get all Christmas family in December

Unlucky : over 150 valhalla pulls and still no 5*;
Only s2 5* is mokarr :v

I think I am the most unlucky player of this game ever …

Between April and June of last year, I watched my husband pull 5* after 5*. Bear in mind, we would only spend about £30 each a month, if even. 14 5*s he pulled. I got one.


One of the lucky ones here.
I’ve been playing for 5 months. I’m C2P so that helps, but only POV, VIP & a couple of small purchases to get my gems over the line for pulls in event summons.
I’ve currently got 18 x 5* heroes and every HOM (Some twice) since i started.
My alliance members are blown away with my luck and it’s a running joke atm seeing as most of them are 2 years plus into the game and have half of the legendary heroes I do.
The more i read and learn, the more i appreciate my extreme luck, but am prepared for the dry spell that will inevitably come.
Love the game and all the discussions here in the forum.

Someone on my discord group uploaded a screenshot of the pull they did a couple of months back.
They pulled HOM on top of HOM on top of HOM.
I wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes!
Another player in my alliance pulled Myztero from the last Legends event. That just blows my mind!

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So far ToL has mainly given me season One heroes, a second Margaret, and Albie. VIP, TofL and POV are the only things we spend on.
I got lucky recently. Saved all my gems and pulls for Christmas and Avalon (my favourite heroes are Avalon and Valhalla) and got Mother North and Morgan le Fey. HOTH is so random. Got none between JF and Bae Yong, and the got Glenda and two Reubens. I’d have been happy with out the Reubens and two of Bertila instead. Ahahahaha

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It’s wild sometimes haha
I got 2 Reubens too! Would much prefer Bertila!

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