How u can know the name of alliance which already disjointed

How u can know the name of alliance which already disjointed because i disjoined by mistake and i don’t remember the name of that alliance

@Aba, have you checked “recent activity” under options>support>recent activity?? I don’t know if this would show you joining or leaving an alliance but it’s worth a try?

And that red button, I’m constantly hitting that red button!!

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The button is too easily accessible. Likewise I’m petrified of accidentally demoting/kicking someone from my alliance when I’m being nosy and looking at raid defs.


Lol, it’s a serious problem for my fat thumbs!


I did look yesterday in recent activity but it doesn’t mention the removal alliance or join

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Thank for responding but i already looked but it doesn’t mention

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Do you remember anything about the name?

Because if you type in even one word from the name, a lot of different alliances will pop up in the search.
Seems like it doesn’t work for a partial word though.


Do you remember name of leader or a co-lead? You could change the title of this thread to Aba is looking for X or something like that.

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Yaa i remember the name of leader and co-leader
Their name is Paintman and LetItRainHell but i don’t understand what u mean about could search aba looking for x

It doesn’t look like there are Forum users with the names Paintman or LetItRainHell, unfortunately.

It’s possible they have accounts under different names, or read the Forum without logging in.

@SilverDragonR was suggesting that someone from your alliance might notice the thread if you changed the title to include your name and that you’re trying to find the alliance you left accidentally.

Just to ask again:

Do you remember anything about the alliance name at all?

I remember it’s name was Hunt and collect something like that but i already looked the name in search form

It might happen they don’t login in or use different name but when im in the alliance the leader was Paintman and LetItRainHell

I couldn’t find anything with just that.

If you can remember the name more closely we might be able to figure it out together, but otherwise I’m not sure what to suggest. :confused:

Much as I love to do research, I too couldn’t get anywhere with that limited information.

Perhaps a change to the thread title saying "searching for alliance leaders Paintman and LetItRainHell.

If none of their members use the forum, perhaps someone will notice those names as war opponents.

Would liked to have helped :zipper_mouth_face:

Edit: can the OP remember the banner flag? That would add more information as well

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