How to win almost ALL war games

I’ve never done this, but I’ve played this game for over 3 years. I don’t condone this behavior nor will I ever stoop to such low integrity. But if your an alliance of loyal members that have STAYED in the same alliance (and play E&P how it was meant to be played) - Here’s why you may struggle in war. This is what’s being done to be you.

How to manipulate the system:

  1. Make a new alliance w/an alt as lead.
  2. Once War is enabled, up to 29 new players can jump in.
  3. Jump out after war & return to main alliance & keep kill big titans for loot.

I have read and researched by speaking with many plsyers on Line that some alliances win 100% of wars for a chest or 2.

Once they start losing, they either…

  1. Do a 1v1 war & lose 2 reset OR
  2. Bail & start it all over again…

SG is unwilling to fix this. I’ve even debated with a developer named George at SG who keeps telling me they feel their war game is working and there are no problems. sigh George?! Have you even played your own game? LMAO

I only post this because we are often left in the dark in this game for the usual reasons of profit and troll gamers that love to ruin a community game because of their own selfish habits. This is the world we live in. Good luck in war! It has nothing to do with skill anymore, so don’t feel frustrated when you lose. Its not your fault.

I’m confused. This has been discussed on a separate thread. You laid down plans to best win wars all the time yet you don’t condone it? Most of us that read the forum have already known of this issue. What are you proposing?

If you haven’t noticed, SGG has required certain levels of titans to be killed for titan POV (except in POV 2). While most alliances opted not to employ this tactic of creating new alliances in favor of accomplishing titan POV and the daily titan loot and quick titan chest approx every week, some group of people opted to create new alliances every now and then just to lower their war score for them to be pitted against weak alliances and win and opening war chests every 2.5 weeks but get poor daily titan loot and can’t finish titan POV. It’s how they played. The favor war chests every 2.5 weeks than the weekly titan chests.


Yeah we know this scarecow used to tell people about it all the time.


You are confused. Let me help you. Not everyone knows the war manipulation tactic, but it is important to keep the exploit relevant and exposed. Yep, its been an issue for some time. Pretty sad its never been fixed.

As far as PoV is concerned, none of my members had to leave the alliance to complete Valor. We stick together and work hard to beat the challenges. To start a new alliance and take advantage of lesser teams to beat isn’t a valid tactic. Its cowardly and selfish. “Its the way they played” LOL It is dishonorable to exploit a game for personal gain at the expense of others. This is apparently where society has failed to teach the children.

And if you think that is a valid tactic to win at something… you ARE confused.

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I think both @Ultra and @Dudeious.Maximus are trying to tell you this exploit has been reported on the forum before. They are NOT confused.

I’ve included a few links for your reference.


I am still confused. What your original post and your subsequent response is nothing new. Various repeated complaints have been raised several times. This has been pointed out in War matchmaking strikes again and in Fighting in the war against a team that cheated, and possible solution were offered in War Matchmaking Issue -- Proposed Solutions.

That is why I said this:

Again, my question:

My confusion stemmed on the title which says: How to win almost ALL war games yet you do not condone the plan done by several alliances abhorred by most players.

This is what my alliance (and maybe most alliances) do.

For them, it isn’t. As long war as matchmaking is related to the war score, those people may exploit this. And as long as the game allows it, it will continue to be done. But my alliance prefer to accomplish titan POV, get better daily titan rewards, open titan chest weekly and battle wars fairly than reduced chances accomplishing titan POV, get poor daily titan rewards and open war chests every 2.5 weeks.

It’s a tactic nevertheless. If it within the bounds of the game and the war won without hacking the system or enemy players’ account, it is still valid regardless of your point of view.

Lol. What the heck are you talking about? Long even before you were born, wars were fought unevenly. But as the saying goes, all is fair in love and in war. Now tell me which wars were fought evenly. Go reread world history, the world wars or even the civil wars of any country. One opponent would always have a significant advantage over the other.

Well, they are winning and SGG aint doing nothing about it. Maybe you need to rethink it. Again. And again. And again. Go ahead. Think again.

In sum, what you post here is nothing significantly new. You offer nothing to alleviate this issue. Forum readers have known of this already. We are still waiting for SG to address this matter.

Wow… now I just feel sorry for you. Thank you for taking the time to try and work through your justifications of how you think gaming works. I’ll do my best to simplify things for you.

This is a game you cannot win. Its designed that way to keep you playing and most importantly spending. This game survives on the community that plays it, and certainly not the underwhelming rewards of the war chest. So to exploit the game design at the expense of weaker alliances to fill a substandard chest, inherently destroys the game and no one is really winning anything.

Long before you were born, honor and integrity, even in war was relevant in civilization. But fortunately this isn’t a literal war. Its a game that can only survive if players continue to be interested in actually playing it. For anyone to justify manipulative playstyles that inevitably shrink the player base, is utterly and probably forever confused. So I don’t even know why I bother. Good luck in life.

Now I felt sorry for you. Too bad, was trying to help here. Time to bounce and mute this thread. Ta-tah.

Thanks Sarah. And like I said, anyone who thinks exploiting a game design at the expense of other players and thinks its a justifiable tactic - is most definitely confused. Not about the subject at hand but how to keep integrity in a community based game. Yep, the topic has been discussed many times. Doesn’t matter if the right people aren’t listening. So we keep pushing what’s right until the message is heard.

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