How to win a war!


image Maybe this isn’t a guarantee for a victory ( well it was a victory ) but this is very cool and I am so proud to be part of this alliance😀


That’s awesome: our alliance always has 15-25 flags left from slackers.


I am pretty loyal but I did leave my first alliance because that number was usually even higher like 40 to 45 flags unused. And I know that people have real life and sometimes cannot participate but that’s why there is an opt out. In the summer I have lots of outdoor activities but can always fit in a few minutes to use flags.Thanks for commenting and have a great rest of your day.


Hail @anc1ent1

The mighty Guardians Reborn salute you. We would wave our flags, but we also have none left.

We actually lost but have no shame in leaving it all on the battlefield.


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Win or lose it’s refreshing to see that big fat zero. You will get them next time. Always a pleasure to hear from you :grinning: @JonahTheBard


With our alliance scores so close, I imagine our war scores can’t be too dissimilar - perhaps the Pirates will clash with the Guardians in the future.

I will look for you, when the time comes


Exactly thanks for the post I would love to see that 0 in our alliance but lately it’s always around 25 to 50 left at the end grrr i agree with all of you !! On everything ohh btw this war 47 flags lost by 1200 points pff


That’s what John Holmes said :face_with_monocle:


That would most certainly be an honor and an epic battle Sir :grinning:

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Glad to see you’re doing well Anc1ent1. I left shortly after you for the same reasons. Hard to leave Skippy but bummed that we couldn’t get our entire Alliance to work together. 80% were reliable. It was difficult leaving. My new alliance rarely leaves more than 3 flags unused which is quite refreshing!

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I had to Google the reference

Should have turned SafeSearch on first :roll_eyes:


Honestly, if people opt-in and don’t use flags just kick them after a warning + 2nd/ 3rd offense. Pretty easy to opt out.

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You trying to imply you don’t know him, but no one believe it :face_with_monocle:

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Titan Apocalypse has a very similar alliance score. We’re currently down a member, but when it’s filled, …


It’ll be littleSTEAK on the grill :cowboy_hat_face:


Who is this I don’t recognize your name if you don’t mind sharing, it was very hard to leave but I felt that if I was going to play the game that I should be trying to improve. It wasn’t anything personal against anyone that’s for sure :grinning: