How to use Wilbur?

Only with him he works at all…

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Sometimes the spirit link is helpful, allowing you to target weak colors with strong colors and get increased damage to corners.
Wilbur is powerful, and if you take a dispeller, it allows you more control over using the spirit link or not using it.


Wilbur is a must for team survivability against the new titans. He’s also key to defeating Aegir and Kunch tanks on raids and wars as he overwrites their specials.

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actually one of my war teams is…

wilbur/anzogh/BT/Inari/Wu sometimes i switch falcon for inari (depends on the enemy)

and if i get some tiles … man that works out… if I want to play risky : wu then anzogh…
if I wanna stay safe… anzogh then wu :wink:

Wilbur is on the ride with Wu and AoEs/Splash Hitters, so I won’t dispel the spirit link, because I want every enemy to be damaged, even when my heroes miss because of Wu. It’s really irritating for me to use Wilbur otherwise and take a dispeller with me :smiley:

Over 3000 Power is pretty high for Platinum. You should be in Gold. My raid and defence team are at an average of 2700 power level but I loot in Gold tier.

Wilbur and Fenrir:


Wilbur and Black Knight

Wilbur and BK have some special synergy:

  • Since BK attack buff depends on number of hits, Spirit Link distributes all hits evenly across all heroes, so if one of them is hit, all are hit, increasing attack.
  • This is especially useful when other party has minions active. Minions attacking your team can maximize attack bonus in just 1 turn!
  • BK’s Taunt buff works well with Spirit Link too, concentrating enemy specials on BK and spread the damage across all other heroes.
  • BK’s “Just a flesh wound” has negative synergy with Spirit Link, it will decrease damage to BK to 1 HP, but all other heroes will receive their share of full damage.

BK and Wilbur have same color and same mana speed, so they’re naturally a good pair for mono team in raids and against titans. The only downside is that BK’s buff lasts 3 turns, and Wilbur’s buff lasts 4 turns.

You would want these buffs to overlap as much as possible, so sometimes it’s better to activate BK on next turn after WIlbur was activated.


Wilbur+Wu+Falcon and you don’t need to worry about bad boards ever again. Even single tiles are devastating.

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Wilbur + Elena + Proteus

Weaken their defense, buff your defense, block their mana/specials, hit entire lineup with Elena 202% damage. Then you’re reflecting way more damage than you’re receiving.

I’ve found Wilbur doesn’t work great with snipers, but pairs well with shared same dealers like Elena, Kadilen, Li Xiu, etc.

Add in BT to this lineup and you’re healing and buffing your attack as well.


You will not reflect more damage, because of Spirit Link + Perfect Riposte negative synergy. The damage from riposte is greatly decreased under Spirit Link.

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Who to activate first: BT or Wilbur?

Fire BT first then wilbur

It doesn’t really matter. Wilbur’s defense down doesn’t depend on his attack stat and he doesn’t inflict any damage. The only requirement is do fire them both before any attacking heroes (Guardian Falkon and all)


I know you asked this question back in Aug of '19 but here’s a link to terms defined:

You’ll see the list after the intro. :wink:

Suppose just use to setting my red mono
For green titans
BT wilbur falcon sumitino colen.

I have a question on Wilbur with AOE. Except for the def debuff, shouldn’t the damage be same?
Let’s say there is no debuff… AOE gives say 200 damage to all 5 heroes. With Wilbur, then each enemies should get 200/5 (shared across), but then each is multiply back 5 as each enemy get the AOE. So effectively there is no benefit when AOE is fired against spirit link. Is this correct?

Of course, the debuff would make it much better, but just trying to understand the logic of AOE and spirit link part.


The way I understand it (and this could be incorrect so someone please correct me if I’m wrong) is that, let’s say one of the 5 enemies is nearly dead and you use Wilbur followed your AOE hitter The amount of damage that would have ordinarily been wasted is distributed to the other heroes who are still alive, so your AOE hitter effectively hits everyone harder assuming at least one enemy dies.

If ordinarily they did about 200 damage to everyone, but one enemy had only 100 hp left, the other enemies would be hit for 225. (I don’t know that the math is this clearcut, just using is as an illustration).

Sorry to necro this thread, but the link in the Player Guides and searches all pointed here for Wilbur related content and I had a few Wilbur related questions.

First, is Wilbur still considered viable in Diamond raid attack teams with the new meta, formations, Season 3, Ninjas?

I guess the rest of my thoughts all come down to that question. I currently have my Wilbur at +19 emblems and use him on Titans, but I have found that over the past few months of war teams, raids, etc. I have not been including him to any of my raid teams.

Has he become less of a winner and more of a liability in Diamond? Am I just not using him enough? Are the synergy heroes still effective? I raid 3:2 and feel like I have a reasonable depth in Red heroes, but somehow he never makes the list of two or three Red mixed teams I make each war.

Should Wilbur keep those emblems even though he only sees play on Titan and maybe two events (Ninja, Tavern, 4* challenge) a month?

What is a Wilbur team I SHOULD be making that I am not?

Titans are the bread and butter of this game. Personally I wouldn’t strip emblems from any hero that I use for titans.

I war mostly 4-1, with the 1 being an off-color healer. Wilbur/Sumle is the cornerstone of my 2nd red war team. Wilbur makes Sumle awesome.

But I rarely use Wilbur for raids. I find the enemy spread damage to be more of a detriment than benefit in diamond arena

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