How to use Wilbur?

I thought I had Wilbur almost figured out and I just did a raid with him and Aegir. Bad mistake. Of course then I looked at Aegir and realized he was also sharing damage with my heroes. That’s what made me take another look at my heroes with potentially conflicting skills.

I want to learn how to use him with Sonya, Sabina, etc. all the debuffers - but I’ll practice that in some raids, not the wars!

Rigard doesn’t remove spirit link.

Definitely don’t use WIlbur with:

  • Aegir, Kailani and Gunnar (because they have the same Spirit Link buff)
  • Obakan, Boril, Cyprian, Elena, Boss Wolf, Sumitomo (Spirit Link has bad synergy with Riposte)
  • Elkanen, Leonidas, Musashi, Graymane, Prisca, Renfeld (Spirit Link has bad synergy with vampiric abilities)

Not recommended to use Wilbur with heroes that give substantially weaker defence buffs, like Victor, because they will overwrite Wilbur’s defence buff.

Use carefully with following elemental defence debuffers: Guardian Panther, Evelyn, Frida, because you’d want to exploit the spirit link along with damage sharing. King Arthur, Guardian Jackal and Guardian Falkon are OK.

Use carefully with Athena, because Athena has a better defence debuff, which has a great synergy with the spirit link. Fire Athena after Wilbur if possible.


Thank you for this! I still love Wilbur but I’ll have to be more careful to watch his team mates!

As many have pointed out, Wilbur plus a debuffer (e.g., Sabina, Sonya, etc.) removes the Spirit Link from your opponents. It is also important to keep in mind that a limited area debuffer can and will do the same (e.g., Domitia, Frida, Evelyn).

I have had raid situations where I have fired Wilbur and then deliberately removed the link from 2-3 heroes, either with the intent of attacking them, or killing the other 2-3 still linked via their shared damage (same amount of damage shared between fewer heroes leading to a faster kill).

The bottom line is that you should have a plan for how you’re going to use Wilbur and use the spirit link (removing it and exploiting it are both ways of using it) before you go into the raid / map. That way you’ll have thought about the most likely scenarios and brought along the correct complementary heroes.


Thanks. I was planning on practicing with Wilbur using fellow debuffers in raids. He certainly does make you slow down and think carefully how/when to use him.

I just get such a thrill when three opponents explode at the same time, that I just can’t stop using him :joy:

Another thing about wilbur.
Is to using him to save yourself from incomming ennemies special (snipers for example), they have tendencies to attack the lowest health.
It’s best to not hesitate using him sometimes. As it allow you to bite the bullet more often.

Wilbur makes a good aegir counter btw (even as a red)
As they will have trouble to heal, and their def is lowered.
Wilbur is also usefull against blue titans, he cleanse the def debuff from the titan.

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Okay, I’ve been studying hard and practicing with him on raids. I’ve come to realize that he’s not suitable for every instance, needs careful handling and the right team mates.

When I can combine all that, he’s totally awesome.


How does proteus play into ur strategy? Is he maxed?

Slows things down if you are red starved. Also nice to stop a Rigard or some other cleanse.

I see the whole 5 fill around the same time. So focus the red at half the board and Proteus to basically stall and bleed the side containing blue to healers.

Yes, at +7. Really like how he plays

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Does anybody use Wilbur + Anzogh together ?

My Anzogh is currently sitting at 2/60 so he pretty much sucks, however I almost have the materials to get him too 4/80.

My thinking is they are both average speed so they will get special at same time, Anzogh firing with Wilbur’s -44% defence sounds great & he will in turn heal my heroes extra. + the 46% defense against ice should stack which helps.

Has taken quite some time to collect the mystic rings so don’t want to waste them if this combination isn’t effective.


It is very effective indeed! Best with BT in the mix (and ofc Falcon if you have him!). I have a 3.70 Anzogh in my red team, and fire Wilbur first, then BT, then him.


I do not currently have BT or Falcon, BT being average also sounds like some serious damage would be dealt. I guess I will ascend him and run with Wilbur + (kelile - until I pull a better fire).

Thanks for replying.


Fingers crossed BT lands in your roster sooner rather than later then (he will show!) :). I use Kelile in mine too, and GM. I aim her at the weakest enemy and GM covers three others. My favorite war mono :).

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Hopefully … I do have Ranvir that I will be maxing soon for titans which I will try running along side this trio. Sounds like you have a solid roster yourself, GM would be an awesome addition to mine.


Yeah that was a lucky pull. If you’re fighting higher titans, Wilbur is life. I even bring him on blue titans and mana pot him. Red titan team I swap Kelile for Ranvir (she doesn’t stack with GM and Anzogh help keeping me alive), rest of them stay.


My Wilbur dream team is Wilbur, BT, and Marjana.

My second Wilbur dream team is Wilbur, BT and any other strong red that doesn’t interfere with his skills. Scarlett, Kelile, etc.

Wilbur is awesome once you’ve learned to respect his talents and pair him with the right heroes. BT is his best friend.


Excellent description, really good, I have Wilbur for ages, read about how good he was but could never seem to get that to work, select character with lowest defence stat, never thought of that at all, thinking about the game in a whole new way, thanks!!! Papa’s got a brand new bag!!!

Cool… I always being with them anzogh or elkahan or justice
Enjoy the toy…

I don’t think I’m understanding some people’s thoughts here: why would you ever bring a sniper type hero (Lianna/Sartana/Joon) in with Wilbur? If Wilbur is active he takes a hero who can one-shot for 800-1000 damage to one enemy and instead spreads that damage evenly among 5. Then you hit 5 enemies weakly with 150-200 damage and leave them alive to fire back or heal. Shouldn’t you ONLY use him with AoE or Attacks All specials because it takes usually weak overall hitters and multiplies it 3x5 or 5x5? Seems like he would make heroes like Azlar, Isarnia, Justice, Quintus, Kadilen, etc into devastating hit 5 for 1000hp each. Am I wrong?