How to use Wilbur?

Magic…just magic. The -defense and -element stack multiplicatively and so result in devastating hits.


so the devastating hits - means for each next hit with 2 debufs (Wilbur + Jackal) active? So the first hit of Jackal will do less harm but next, if both debufs are active - shuould be massive?
Does it apply with Frida? I don’t have G.Falcon or G.Jackal, but I have Frida and maxed Grimm and 4 Wiburs. Frida sits at 1/1 so can’t check it.

dont know if i understand your question correctly,
but elemental deff down stacks with normal deff down

so… wilbur stacks always with jackal,falcon,frida,evelyn,panther…
but wilbur doesnt stack with for example grimm and tiburtus(they overwrite each others deff down)

grimm and frida stack on the other hand… (normal deff down + ice deff down)

hope i understand your question and helped you


Yes, you understand me correct. I know that Wilbur + Grimm doesn’t stack, so I wanted confirmation regarding Wil’s debuf stacks with Frida elemental debuf or other elemental debuf.

yes, they stack

so i basicially told you a lot you alrady knew :smiley:

Simple problem with your setup is your running 2 healers and wilbur which only does tile damage. You need more upfront damage. I would consider leaving a healer out and bringing more damage to the table. And he should be fired off first so its always good to stick him to the left side of your squad instead of tanking with him.

The first time Jackal (or Frida, Falcon, etc) fire, the damage hits first and then the debuff is applied. If you can hit that target again with damage from that debuffed color while the debuff is active, the damage will be much higher. One thing that’s so great about Jackal,is his very fast speed, making it more likely that he’ll be ready to,fire again quickly.


@Damirius, thanks so much for this excellent Wilbur guide. Now that I have mine over his final ascension I’m starting to use him in raids; it’s far trickier than using him for farming and titans. Your guide is helping me refine my techniques with him and I appreciate it a lot!!


It’s no secret that I love Wilbur … my husband says I whisper his name in my sleep.

I read somewhere (maybe here?) that he shouldn’t be paired with some heroes.

I think I read Caedmon and Sonya? Does anyone know if there are other heroes I should avoid colour stacking him with?

Just the vanilla heroes, I don’t really have any fancies.


I find stacking Wilbur WITH a debuffer is a positive to knock out the enemy’s spirit link and means snipers can then one shot the enemies. With the link the snipers hurt all but not enough for a kill.

AOE hitters hit all with or without the spirit link so dispelling doesn’t matter if you have more AOE heroes in your roster.

So, you’re saying Sonya, Caedmon and Sabina are okay to use with him? Sorry, I always get so confused trying to figure out the terminology. I need to translate it to actual heroes and then I can study their cards.

For Avalon I used Wilbur and Wu Kong for each stage. I really wanted to learn how to use them together. Wu Kong needs to fire first - a hard habit to break from how he’s usually used!

It worked like a charm and now I’m comfortable using them both together.

I usually find saving Wilbur’s skill till after two of my opponent’s heroes are gone to be most effective. Then I concentrate my heroes on one of the three that are left. If I have Wu in and can activate him it’s usually short work to finish off the remaining three heroes.

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Don’t we want the enemies sharing damage? I thought that’s why three of them can explode at once. If you debuff them, doesn’t it just undo what you put on them?

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About the only time I use a debuffer after Wilbur firing off is when I fire him off early in the match before the tank is taken out. Usually that happens when I’ve been hit hard and I am in danger of losing one of my heroes with another big hit. This gives me a little extra time to get myself going and have my heroes hitting back with their specials.

Yes, exactly, Sonya, Caedmon, Sabina, Melendor. I fire Wilbur as soon as he is ready, if Wilbur is close and one of the debuffers is ready I DO hold the debuffer and charge Wilbur regardless of whether there is a better tile combo (well, not 100% regardless, there are exceptional circumstances that make the tiles the way to go, you’ll know it when you see it).

It is my style of play, I prefer to know that I will eliminate an enemy hero immediately so I like to get rid of the enemy spirit link when the enemy team is still four or five heroes.

As @Wholf mentioned, when there are three enemies or less still alive, there is no need to cut the spirit link. Hit the enemy with the lowest defense stat to maximize the damage. I just prefer not to wait until that point since I want the advantage of increase defense for my team and decreased defense for the enemy as soon as possible.

You get to choose when to fire your dispeller. The shield buff/debuff is great. With the spirit link on, you can attack an enemy even without having tiles in front of it. But sometimes you have a priority kill and spirit link is interfering. You perhaps should focus on when to not bring Wilbur. Bad enemy is Wu Kong. Other tough go is fast hitters who will weaken your team before you can get a healer up. Best opponent is Wilbur. As attacker you get to choose when to fire your own Wilbur.


That’s great advice. Are there other bad enemies I need to know about? Does Rigard, for example remove the spirt link from my heroes?

I use him with Wu Kong…my raid team at the moment is Kiril, Wilbur, Wu Kong, Queen of Hearts and Agwe. When Wilbur has fired, I try to deal as much damage as possible to enemies, so: specials or tiles with Wu Kong (red tiles against green etc., so the shared damage is higher). When it works, it works really great :slight_smile: they’re often pulverized in one turn.

For me, it’s better: FIRST Wilbur, so he covers ALL enemies, then Wu Kong.

I have to say, when Wu Kong is dead, it’s much harder and it’s better, when he fires after Wilbur.

And I used Wilbur and Guardian Falcon (and Wu) against Morgan le Fay in Avalon, worked very good, because the damage of Arthur was shared and red tiles made an incredible damage against Morgan.

Vivica and Kunchen’s SS remove staus ailments - is the spirit link (shared damage) on my heroes considered an ailment?

I’m going through my roster trying to figure out who I shouldn’t team Wilbur with. Seems like there are a lot of heroes he doesn’t play nicely with!

I don’t think so, because it’s a buff - only the negative things should be affected.
If you use a debuffer after Wilbur, only the spirit link is removed from enemies, not the defense down, so I think it’s vice versa.

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