How to use Wilbur?

Because if you also bring Evelyn/Jackal/Panther, with a sniper you will overkill any hero, but with Wilbur you will spread that excess damage over all heroes. Throw in some colored tiles into the weak link and entire team is dead.

In my team, I replaced Joon with Musashi though, as 3-hitter gives more total damage than a sniper. And with WIlbur, everything is about total damage.


Just remember that Panther and Evelyn dispel shared damage, but leave untouched defence down, which can be valuable at times.

What is AOE? Also is there a glossary of terms I can refer to so that I can understand what different terms mean?

Area of Effect. It’s an abbreviation from
Video games.

In Empires and Puzzles it refers to any hero that hits all. So Jahangir, Ulmer, Colen, Skittles, Isarnia, Yunan, Zimkitha, Zeline, Justice, Horghall, etc


Okay so I have Wilbur and I’m trying to understand how to use him as well as figure out based on my roster who he would be best paired with…

For an example to see if I understand how to use him…Would he be good with Kageburado since Kage dispels only the particular enemy BEFORE doing his damage? So say I use Wilbur to link and share enemy damage which now lowers all enemies and then use kage on specific enemy to kill…

Also for a rainbow team who would Wilbur be good with based on these heroes:

Yellow: Joon, Li Xu, Gretel, Wu Kong, Vivica, Drake Fong, Bane
Blue: Isarnia, Grimm, Sonya, Kiril
Green: Lianna, Hansel, Melendor
Purple: Seshat, Kageburado, Cyprian, Proteus, Rigard, Tyrum

Also what other red heroes would he go good with between Mitsuko, Boldtusk, Marjana, Ares, Elena, Azlar and Scarlett?

All heroes per color are listed in order from strongest down with the exception of red heroes, they are just listed because most of those aren’t leveled yet.

From the Jargon-Pulverizing Fictionary:

AoEArea of Effect or Attacks on Everyone! A special attack that hits all enemies


@LadyAchilles Wilbur is an awesome hero and you’re right to be confused about how to best use him. Pair him with the wrong heroes and you’ll find those special skills turned against your own heroes!

I made a study of Wilbur, asking tons of questions and studying everything I could about him. I now have two full mono red teams that I call my Wilbur teams.

I highly recommend you study all the previous posts in this thread, I printed off many of the suggestions and studied them like I was cramming for finals.

I feel very comfortable now with using him, and being able to determine who best to use him with and against whom, as well.

As one of our extremely helpful members @Infinite pointed out to me (when I felt like I was being too dense, and taking too long to understand, and asking too many questions), he said that Wilbur is a game changer hero and requires a great deal of learning to use him correctly.

Keep asking, keep studying and enjoy watching 4 enemies explode at the same time. It’s worth the time and effort you’ve given it :grin:


Almost as important as who you ally with Wilbur is who you face. Spirit Link is a two-edged sword (as evidenced by the fact that Wilbur casts it on both sides).

  • If you’re facing a team with heroes that buff defense (e.g. Kiril or Vivica), you may find yourself facing a well-armored foe. Even a cleanser like Rigard or Zimkitha substantially cuts into the effectiveness of Spirit Link’s harm.
  • Likewise, be wary in bringing and using Wilbur when facing a team that can debuff your defense. It’s one of my favorite tactics facing Wilbur/Aegir: bring Athena or another -defense hero, wait for Wilbur/Aegir to cast, then aim Athena at a low-defense foe. Now pour lots of damage on that target–the huge damage ripples through the whole team. (Gormek is my favorite for this operation, as he’s got huge HP but garbage Def.)
  • Hatter can play havoc with Wilbur (or Aegir).

As good as any other defense debuffer. You won’t be able to spread the damage around (unless you hit Margaret), but -44% of defense debuff really helps Kage destroy the target.

Yellow: Wu Kong, Drake Fong, Li Xiu
Blue: Isarnia
Green: no specific synergy with those heroes
Purple: Kage, Proteus
Red: Boldtusk, Ares, Azlar, Mitsuko, Skarlett

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Use a 3 stack against the tank plus Wilbur and Wu. Maybe a healer, a debuffer and a sniper.

Charge the stack and fire, then cast Wilbur and Wu together to recharge the stack by matching stack colored tiles or try to get get rid of bad tiles.

Wu is Wilburs best friend. Missing tiles are like ghosted tiles and hitting tiles will hurt badly.

Same strategy to hit titans, except you try to keep both specials active all over the time.

If you doesn’t like the enemies sharing damage, bring a dispeller and fire him after Wilbur.

I don’t want his other best friends to get jealous … BT, Proteus, Seshat, etc etc

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My craziest Wilbur fight…


This board is brutal! Wilbur is great hero, I use him with BT in so many fights… For titan (7*-8*) use 3-2 formation where 2 heros is Wilbur and BT and 3 heros is same color for titan attack. (I don’t have Wu, Tarlak, Ranvir…)

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Willbur or heros like him, are the ones who kept us alives at the end of Atlantis, I fought for 15min.
Without his stats it would not have been possible.
As been said here, when using wilbur we have to bring a hero that nullifies the sharing of damage. Melendor, Sabina, Cademon and a lot of 5*

Certainly it’s a very useful hero for especific tasks.

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A dispeller is actually works exceptionally well with Wilbur.
I bring Wilbur and Caedmon against a much stronger team. Let Wilbur fire, spirit link protect my team, Caedmon fire to clear off the enemies’ spirit link but the def down buff stay, Lianna and Richard shoots down the rest.
Even the not so hotM Anzogh works wonderful with Wilbur!

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Ik krijg altijd dubbels bij de tokens in te ruilen voor helden zijn.
Is er een mogelijkheid om dit te vermijden

BTW, Anzogh doesn’t need a dispeller fired after Wilbur for his effect, Anzogh will work well even when enemies have a Spirit Link.

Exactly! AoE like Anzogh, Azlar and Kadilen works much better riding on Wilbur’s spirit link but a sniper like Lianna or Seshat will not be as deadly against a spirit link even with def down.
Hence, I usually bring a dispeller to clear the spirit link and single target a ‘must kill’ heroes like Alby and MN.

Only with him he works at all…

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Sometimes the spirit link is helpful, allowing you to target weak colors with strong colors and get increased damage to corners.
Wilbur is powerful, and if you take a dispeller, it allows you more control over using the spirit link or not using it.


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