How to use my Atlantis Coin and Emblems

I get these atlas embilems how do I use these???

Do you mean Atlantis Coins, like these?


Or Emblems, like these?


Yes this is what I’m talking about what are they used for my Friend

Atlantis summons , during the Atlantis seasons

Under the Atlantis summons you have the options of using gems or those tokens ( 100 per summon )


Ok so how are the others used then ??? Your saying when in season with 100 I’ll get one of those heros??

With 100 Atlantis Coins you get 1 Atlantis portal summons with a CHANCE at an Atlantis hero. Nothing is guaranteed. Good luck!!


Thank you buddy and I see you can’t use emblems till your completely powered up

That right @rheintz, plus your heroes special has to be at 8/8 also.

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You should also consider the fact that Atlantis coins can be used only 100 at a time, and ONLY when the Atlantis summon portal is available at the summon gate. That’s about once a month, during Atlantis Rises. Atlantean summons are also the best way to spent your gems, even if it’s more expensive than the other summons, it gives you access to some of the greatest heroes of the game.


100% what @Ian487 said. I’ve received all my good heroes from the Atlantis Portal (including Hel just last time on my 1st coin summons)

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Sweet I got my first 4 star hero today!!! Yessss


Sweet! Congrats! Who did you get?

I got Chao … He seems pretty fast at build Mana…

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